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The Spongebob

This is an excerpt from Beginning Hip-Hop Dance With Web Resource.

The Spongebob was created in Baltimore, Maryland; it has nothing to do with the cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants. The dance was performed with Baltimore club music, which is a type of house music. The most popular songs for the dance were "Tote It" by Rod Lee and "Percolator" by Cajmere.

Begin in fundamental stance. On count one, lift your left leg (a) and aim to kick your right buttock with your left heel while hopping on your right leg (b). On "and," jump to your left foot, and outstretch your right leg to the right with a flexed foot (c). Then repeat by hopping your left leg back in to the center line and bending your right leg to kick your butt. Continue in this manner, hopping out and then back in to your center line. There are no specified arm movements for this dance.

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