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Unconventional games for children - Go Tag

This is an excerpt from Chicken and Noodle Games by John Byl,Herwig Baldauf,Pat Doyle & Andy Raithby.


For the chaser to tag the runner and the runner to avoid being tagged
To run, dodge, tag, and solve problems


Groups of 10 to 30 players




The players squat in two long lines, with alternating players facing opposite directions-one player facing in and the next facing out.
The player at one end of one line is the runner, and the player at the other end of the other line is the chaser.


  1. The chaser and runner begin running around the squatting players, the chaser trying to catch the runner. They can run in either direction and run outside of the group or between the two lines. They can change direction.
  2. As the chaser runs around the squatting players, trying to catch the runner, she taps the back of any player and shouts "Go!" The tapped player becomes the chaser, while the old chaser squats in the new chaser’s place in line. This maneuver, the go tag, enables the entire group to work together in the role of chaser.
  3. Players cannot cut through the line of players.

Tips and Variations

The key is to change chasers frequently and catch the runner off guard. Speed is not as important as quick thinking. When the runner is finally tagged, she squats at the end of the line, and the player who tagged her becomes the new runner. The player at the other end of the line becomes the chaser.


This is an excerpt from Chicken and Noodle Games.