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Whole-Person Wellness Walk

This is an excerpt from Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults-2nd Edition.

A whole-person wellness walk is a great way to incorporate personal wellness concepts and the multiple dimensions of wellness into one enjoyable activity. Follow the simple steps outlined below, and you can start walking the path to wellness without delay.

  1. Determine your walking path, preferably in a park or other safe, outdoor, peaceful area (reflects self-responsibility, self-efficacy, and making choices).
  2. Invite a friend, colleague, or family member to accompany you on the wellness walk (reflects the social dimension).
  3. Do your homework! Review the types of trees, plants, flowers, birds, and so on you may see along the way (reflects the intellectual dimension).
  4. Determine a personal goal that you wish to accomplish while on your wellness walk (reflects the vocational dimension).
  5. Prior to starting your wellness walk, take a few minutes to warm up your muscles. At the conclusion of the wellness walk, take a few minutes to cool down. We recommend that you walk at a leisurely pace to remain mindful of your surroundings (reflects the physical and spiritual dimensions).
  6. During your walk, find a quiet place to meditate on one of nature's wonders. Relax and be fully present in the moment (reflects the spiritual dimension).