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Wrist stretch

This is an excerpt from Full-Body Flexibility-2nd Edition by Jay C. Blahnik.


We use our forearms, wrists, and fingers to perform many repetitive tasks, such as typing on a keyboard, gripping a steering wheel, or texting on a cell phone. The following stretches will help increase mobility in the wrists and help reverse the mechanical stress associated with hand overuse injuries.

  • Stand or sit tall with one hand in front of the body at shoulder height, the palm facing down. Use the other hand to pull on the back of the hand, bringing the palm down toward the body. Return to start position. Pull the hand up toward the body, bringing the back of the hand up.
  • Hold each stretch for 10 to 30 seconds.
  • Exhale deeply while moving into the farthest point of the stretch; then breathe evenly while holding the stretch.
  • Repeat the stretch with the other hand.

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