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Yin yoga: ankle stretch

This is an excerpt from Journey Into Yin Yoga, A.

Suggested Duration

2-3 minutes


This pose targets the ankles and tops of the feet.

Risks and Contraindications

If you have tight ankles (like runners!), ease into the stretch with caution. If you feel sharp pain in the knees, then ease out of the pose.

Alignment Points

  • Begin in a kneeling position, sitting on the heels.
  • Place both hands on top of the knees.
  • Gently lean back until the shins and knees lift off the floor.
  • Maintain the length of the spine so that you resist collapsing through the spine.
  • Don't let the head fall back and overextend the neck.

Modifications and Other Options

  • Place a blanket under the feet for added comfort.
  • Doing the pose without lifting the knees off the floor still provides a solid stretch (1).

  • If balance is an issue, place the hands on the floor next to the body or on top of blocks for support.

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