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Sample Content

Surveying Your Body at Work  [download pdf]
Lesson 1.1 Stand on Your Own Two Feet

Lesson 1.2 Body Mechanics: Matching Movement to Muscles and Bones

Lesson 1.3 Dancing at the Joint

Lesson 1.4 Personal Physical Survey

Determine Your Movement Preferences  [download pdf]

Review Questions  [download pdf]

Choreographic Processes  [download pdf]
Lesson 10.2


Student Resources

Lesson 3.1 Move-It! 
Identifying Images in Natural Environments [download pdf]

Lesson 5.3 Take a Bow
Class or Rehearsal Evaluation [download pdf]
Vocabulary Terms [download pdf]

Lesson 10.3 Take the Stage
Rubric [download pdf]

Chapter 1 Survey Your Body at Work
Powerpoint presentation [download pdf]

Chapter 10 Learning Activities
Extended Learning Activities [download pdf]

Chapter 3 E-Journaling Prompts
E-Journaling Prompts [download pdf]


Teacher Resources

Chapter 2 Quiz Answers
Chapter Review: Answers [download pdf]

Chapter 10 Choreographic Forms
Choreographic Form Cards [download pdf]

Dance and the 21st Century Skills poster  [download pdf]