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HIGH SCHOOL: How does the Fitness for Life program fit into a school calendar?

Fitness for Life is adaptable to a variety of schedules, including regular schedules, block, A/B block, accelerated block, and yearly integrated plans. The base plan forFitness for Life uses a regular schedule. All other scheduling options are modifications of the base plan.

The base plan for Fitness for Life takes one semester (five class periods a week every week). That equates to 90 class periods of 40 to 50 minutes each. Some schools, however, integrate Fitness for Life into a one-year plan (approximately 180 class days).

In the base (one-semester) plan, students study one chapter per week. The program has 21 chapters, so schools may choose to use only 18 chapters or include two chapters a week for three weeks during the semester. While the one-chapter-per-week schedule provides the basis for planning, local schools may alter the plan based on local standards (focusing on content most appropriate for local standards) or modify the plan based on local school schedules. For example, schools using a one-year integrated plan typically cover one chapter every two weeks and integrate Fitness for Life content with traditional physical education content. The introduction available on the Teacher Web Resource provides information about a variety of scheduling options for Fitness for Life programs.