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Fitness for Life Canada: Using the Fitness for Life Canada Teacher's Guide

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Fitness for Life Canada: Using Fitness for Life Canada’s Teacher Guide



In this new webinar series, we will discuss Fitness for Life Canada, a fitness education curriculum to develop physical literacy in adolescents. This series, delivered by lead-author Dr. Guy Le Masurier, will cover the essential elements of a quality fitness education program, describe the unique contribution fitness education makes to developing higher-order physical literacy skills, and provide a detailed description of the Fitness for Life curriculum including the supporting resources. If you are looking to enhance your physical education program, develop critical physical literacy skills to adolescents, or elevate the profession, have a listen.

This webinar will unpack the extensive and easy-to-use resources that support physical and health education professionals in the delivery of the Fitness for Life Canada program. Join lead author Guy le Masurier, PhD as he provides detailed examples of how to deliver classroom and activity lessons using the comprehensive and flexible online resources.  A question and answer session will conclude the webinar.  


Guy C. Le Masurier, PhD, is a professor of sport, health, and physical education at Vancouver Island University (Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada). He has published numerous articles related to youth physical activity and physical education and has coauthored the award-winning fitness education textbooks for elementary, middle, and high school programs in the United States. Le Masurier has given more than 50 research and professional presentations at national and regional meetings. He is an editorial board member of the Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport; reviews research for numerous professional journals; and is a member of PHE Canada, SHAPE America, and ACSM. In 2010 Dr. Le Masurier was inducted as a research fellow of SHAPE America.