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Facilitated Stretching Image Bank-4th Edition

Facilitated Stretching Image Bank-4th Edition


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    Image Bank

    The image bank for Facilitated Stretching, Fourth Edition, includes all the illustrations, photos, and tables from the book, sorted by chapter, that may be used in developing a customized presentation or in creating handouts for students or clients.

    The image bank is free to course adopters and available online at

    For use outside of a college or university course, this image bank is available for purchase by clicking on the Add to Cart button near the top of this page and proceeding through checkout. Once your order is complete, you can immediately access the content at  

    Online video. High-definition video presents both treatment room techniques and simplified PNF stretches for nontherapy settings. It demonstrates more than 90 stretches to reinforce proper technique for each stretch as well as four sample stretching routines.

    The online video is also available for purchase • ISBN 978-1-4504-5966-2