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Indoor Cycling: Basics & Beyond Print CE Course-3rd Edition

Indoor Cycling: Basics & Beyond Print CE Course-3rd Edition


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    Course components are delivered as printed products:
    • Workbook
    • DVD
    • Continuing education exam
    Indoor Cycling: Basics & Beyond, Third Edition Print CE Course is a comprehensive guide that will help group exercise instructors establish a strong foundation for teaching indoor cycling. It covers the science and applied aspects of planning an effective class, including bike setup and positioning, class structure, teaching tips, and training protocols.

    In this course, you will review the bike components and setup for each participant. You will also learn correct posture, body positioning, indoor cycling technique, and instructions on modifying and monitoring exercise intensity. Supplementing these guidelines are 24 photos and a DVD that add visual demonstration of appropriate bike fit and setup as well as a class demonstration using various training elements.

    This revised third edition of the course includes information on training with power consoles and wattage, outlines seven types of workouts, and offers methods for using 10 basic cycling skills to vary each workout. Sample drills and teaching tips are provided in addition to a warm-up routine; interval, fartlek, and RPM training; and a cool-down. The course concludes with a 30-question multiple-choice continuing education exam for credit through participating organizations.


    A continuing education course for group fitness instructors and other health and fitness professionals.

    Table of Contents

    About the Course
    Completing the Course
    Getting Started
    Equipment Terminology
    The Bicycle
    Proper Body Alignment
    Hand Positions
    Safety Precautions
    Power Consoles
    Power Consoles
    Class Structure
    Indoor Cycling Terminology
    Types of Training
    Class Format
    Phases of the Workout
    Sample Classes
    Sample Drills
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Professional Teaching Habits
    Practical Component Worksheet and Assignments
    DVD Guide
    DVD Guide
    Rating of Perceived Exertion
    10 Tips for Indoor Cycling
    Indoor Cycling Best Practices
    About the Faculty
    Exam and Continuing Education Materials
    Course Completion Instructions
    Written Exam
    Exam Answer Sheet
    Easy Track Form
    Course Evaluation

    About the Author

    Norma Shechtman, BS, MS, MA, was the 2003 American Council on Exercise (ACE) Fitness Professional of the Year and was nominated by ACE as one of the top three fitness professionals in the world. She has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education as well as a master’s degree in kinesiology. Shechtman holds certifications in Pilates, personal training, group fitness, kickboxing, indoor cycling, and water fitness. She travels the world presenting the latest training information to fitness professionals.