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    Master technique, improve accuracy, and achieve competitive excellence. In Rifle: Steps to Success, Olympic gold medalist, world record holder, and respected coach Launi Meili shares the training secrets used by the top shooters in the sport. Rifle: Steps to Success covers every aspect of the sport:
    • Equipment selection and fitting
    • Safe shooting guidelines
    • Proven techniques for improved accuracy in the prone, standing, kneeling, and sitting positions
    • Mental and physical training
    • Shooting drills to increase all-around consistency
    • Practice, prematch, and competitive routines
    As part of the Steps to Success Series—with more than 1.5 million copies sold—Rifle: Steps to Success will help you hit your mark every time. ContentsStep 1. Selecting and Fitting Equipment Step 2. Shooting Safely and Responsibly Step 3. Getting to Know the Rifle Step 4. Shooting Positions and Form Step 5. Aiming and Adjusting the Sights Step 6. Taking the Shot Step 7. Preparing for Competition Step 8. Competing in Matches Step 9. Practicing for Optimal Performance Step 10. Training Mentally and Physically Step 11. Continuing in the Sport