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Legal Concepts in Sport-3rd Edition

Legal Concepts in Sport-3rd Edition


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    This book will give you a conceptual foundation for understanding the law and its relationship to sport and physical education programs. It attempts to place the kinds of legal problems faced in the day-to-day operations of a physical education or athletic/sport program into commonsense perspective that is easily understood and remembered. It is not intended to teach all there is to know about the law, but instead to serve as an introduction to the areas of law that most often have an impact on administrators, teachers, and coaches.

    Table of Contents


    Chapter One: Our Legal System
    Chapter Two: The Structure of Our Legal System: How It Works
    Chapter Three: The Concept of Legal Fault: “Who’s to Blame?”
    Chapter Four: The Concept of Legal Obligation: “Why Me?”
    Chapter Five: Negligence: “Oops!”
    Chapter Six: Defusing Negligence Liability
    Chapter Seven: Intentional Tort: “I Meant to Do That”
    Chapter Eight: Contracts: “Put It in Writing”
    Chapter Nine: Contracts: Buying and Selling
    Chapter Ten: Contracts for Personal Services: Hiring and Firing
    Chapter Eleven: Property Rights: “It’s Mine”
    Chapter Twelve: Constitutional Protection: “I Have My Rights”
    Chapter Thirteen: Legal Concepts of Equity and Equality: “It’s Not Fair!”
    Chapter Fourteen: Defusing Liability: Managing the Risks
    Chapter Fifteen: Concepts in Context: Applying Concepts to Evaluate Current Issues