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Journey Into Yin Yoga Online CE Exam, A

Journey Into Yin Yoga Online CE Exam, A


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    Online Course

    This product is delivered online:

    • Continuing education exam

    NOTE: The text A Journey Into Yin Yoga is required for successful completion of this exam but is not included in this version. Purchase this version only if you already own the text or ebook.

    Consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions, this continuing education exam is designed to be taken after reading A Journey Into Yin Yoga. The exam will test your knowledge of the techniques presented in the book so you can apply the concepts to your clients and athletes and pursue continuing education in the process.

    Learning Objectives

    After reading this book and successfully completing the 50-question multiple-choice exam, you will be able to do the following:

    • Define yin yoga

    • Identify the poses of yin yoga

    • Discuss yin yoga’s evolution within the context of the history of yoga

    • Explain the connection between yin yoga and the Tao

    • List the key concepts of the Tao

    • Identify the important concepts of subtle anatomy

    • Describe the effects of yin yoga on the human body

    • Recognize the importance of pranayama and meditation

    • Create a transformative personal yin yoga practice


    A continuing education exam for certified professionals working with clients and athletes seeking to apply poses, breathing, and meditation techniques to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit.

    Table of Contents

    A Journey Into Yin Yoga Table of Contents

    Pose Finder

    Chapter 1. Origins of Yoga
    Chapter 2. Essence of the Tao
    Chapter 3. Subtle Anatomy of Yoga
    Chapter 4. Science of Yin Yoga
    Chapter 5. Poses of Yin Yoga
    Chapter 6. Pranayama and Meditation
    Chapter 7. Developing a Personal Practice
    Chapter 8. Inspiration and Final Thoughts

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