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About Human Kinetics

Human Kinetics the premier sport and physical activity publisher

Our Mission

Human Kinetics' mission is to increase the knowledge, enhance the performance, and improve the health and fitness of all people around the globe by developing and delivering authoritative information about physical activity and sport.

Human Kinetics is the world’s biggest independent publisher of sport, health, dance, fitness, PE and recreation resources. We have offices in Europe (Leeds, UK), USA (Champaign, Illinois) and Canada (Windsor, Ontario).

Our Culture

To excel at this mission, we have built our business on four pillars: expertise, partnerships, service, and process.

Ownership in our work and respect for our staff and customers provide the foundation of a culture that embodies shared commitment to success. How we conduct our business sets us apart from companies that might offer similar products. HK is employee-owned under a U.S. Employee Stock Ownership Programme. We are committed to remaining independent and sustaining our mission of serving the physical activity field. All staff members contribute to our growth by taking initiative, being accountable for their actions, and actively participating in the development of the company.

Our aggressive product output demands a productive staff, but the corporate mission of helping people lead healthier, more active lives also permeates the atmosphere at our headquarters in Champaign, Illinois. Fitness classes and exercise equipment draw employees to the workout room throughout the day and rain-free days ensure pick-up basketball, pickleball, or tennis games in the courtyard. Other employees frequently join together to walk, and most take advantage of healthy subsidized meals in our cafeteria.

Employees are empowered to run an Employee Ownership committee, which strives to foster appreciation and to establish a shared sense of purpose for all staff by developing stronger connections and access to quality education, training, and resources. A cross-department working group called the Customer Experience Team (CX Team) strives to incorporate a culture of service across HK by collaborating to ensure that information is easy to find, products are easy to use, purchasing is hassle-free, and our customer and technical support is exceptional.

Our History

In 1973, Rainer Martens, a kinesiology professor at the University of Illinois, attended the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity Conference and wanted to publish the proceedings. Finding no
interested parties he created Human Kinetics the following year. Three years later, HK hired its first employee and published Physiology of Fitness, still a leading professional fitness book in its seventh edition and now known as Fitness and Health.

HK grew into new areas such as coach education and in 1984, began publishing educational resources for the YMCA. The following year HK acquired Leisure Press, a sport and fitness trade publisher. As sales and opportunities grew through the years, HK launched offices in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

By 1990, HK had 80 employees and had expanded beyond print to publish video, software and online products. In 2005, Rainer Martens sold Human Kinetics to his employees. Today with approximately 200 employees, HK publishes more products—including books, journals, DVDs, apps and courses—than any other publisher serving physical activity disciplines.


Human Kinetics is organized into three divisions, each with the purpose of producing publications or educational programs. These divisions are the Academic Division, the Journals Division, and the Trade and Professional Division. (For more details, visit our Divisions page.) 

Many departments HK contribute to the success of each division, including administration, finance, human resources, marketing and sales, operations, product development, and technology.

Human Kinetics Europe Ltd

Human Kinetics Europe Ltd has been serving teachers, researchers, coaches, academics, athletes, fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts across the UK and Europe and the Middle East for over 25 years.
From our office in Leeds, we manage all marketing, sales, promotions, editorial, customer service and inventory operations. In addition to the in-house staff, representatives and consultants across Europe/Middle East assist with sales, market research, commissioning and conference exhibits.

For the latest sport, fitness, dance, health and exercise science news, make sure you visit the Human Kinetics Sport, Health and Fitness blog.

 The Human Kinetics Europe Ltd team


Our Authors and Partners

Human Kinetics is the premier information provider to the physical activity field. We have achieved that status not only because of what we do but in how we do it. We select authors and partners with the highest authority and respect in their industries around the world. Our authors include professors from the most prestigious university programmes, championship coaches and trainers, internationally renowned researchers, and credentialed practitioners in every facet of physical activity. If you would like to know more about working with Human Kinetics then visit the Human Kinetics Author Centre.

We partner with the most respected organizations that serve physical activity fields on several continents, including top scholarly institutions, and the highest-calibre professional and Olympic organizations, Human Kinetics’ partnerships ensure cutting-edge product development and effective information distribution.

Human Kinetics is proud to work with partners across the world. Find out more about Human Kinetics global partners here.

Human Kinetics partners


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