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Association Management

Human Kinetics Association Management Services serves small associations in the fields of physical activity, kinesiology and other related fields. By tapping into Human Kinetics Association Management Services, your association board can instead focus on other more meaningful association-related tasks. We offer a wide variety of association management services, including:

Association Services:

  • Website Development and Hosting
  • Membership Management
  • Conference Management
  • Employment (job listings)
  • Education (webinars, online courses)
  • Publication Services (newsletter, journal preparation)
  • Abstract Submission (conference abstracts)
  • Community (surveys, forums, wikis)
  • Voting (officer elections, awards)
  • Marketing/Promotion of the association
  • Logo Design
  • Association Start Up (EIN, incorporation, non-profit, 501(c)3, etc.)

Associations Currently Working with HK

American Kinesiology Association (AKA) — association start-up, business management, website hosting, membership, conference site selection, contract negotiation, on-site management, promotion, marketing strategy and promotion, logo creation

National Academy of Kinesiology (NAK) — website hosting, business management, membership, conference site negotiation, on-site conference management, newsletter

International Society of Physical Activity and Health (ISPAH) —website development and hosting, business management, and financial management.

North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (NASPSPA) — website hosting, membership, conference, newsletter, abstract submission, conference program preparation

Colorado AHPERD — newsletter

North Dakotka AHPERD — website hosting, newsletter

International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (IFAPA) — membership, business management

To find out more about Association Management Services, please contact:
Kim Scott
Human Kinetics Association Management Director
Phone: 1-217-351-2674
E-mail: kims@hkusa.com

Testimonial from NASPSPA board members:

From the view of the President (Deb Feltz)
As president of NASPSPA over this past year, and the first year that HK provided association management services, I found my workload lightened, yet no loss of control in my leadership. In fact, I was able to devote more time to the leadership role of president because I didn’t have to do as many ’managing’ things. Managing is not leading. HK took care of membership details, newsletter details, and would have done conference details if we did not already have our own conference site coordinator.

From the view of the Past-President (Digby Elliott)
Over the 2007-2008 NASPSPA Conference year, I worked very closely with Kim Scott and Leon Jeter from Human Kinetics to streamline and implement the abstract submission and review process for our June 2008 Annual Conference in Niagara Falls. For the last several years, we have used the web-based Human Kinetics submission software which greatly reduces the data management time required of the Conference Organizer and the 3 Area Program Committees established to review and make decisions on the abstracts submitted for consideration. Each year our organization has worked closely with Human Kinetics to improve the web-based process. Kim, Leon and the other Human Kinetics staff involved in the process have been very accommodating with our requests and suggestions for improving the system. HK understands that the decision-making associated with conference content is in the hands of the NASPSPA Past-President/her/his Area Program Chairs and Committee members (i.e., the reviewers). Based on the excellent interaction and value NASPSPA has received from HK in the areas of web and abstract services, we have expanded our relationship with HK to include our membership database and conference registration. This frees up time for our Secretary-Treasurer to handle issues of greater substance. For web, abstract, membership and conference registration services our relationship with HK facilitates the transition between outgoing and incoming Executive Board members with any volunteer-based society must deal with. It is in the best interest of Human Kinetics for our Society to remain strong and independent. I believe our service relationship with HK has been mutually beneficial.

From the view of the Secretary-Treasurer (Ann Smiley-Oyen)
Working with HK as the Secretary-Treasurer of NASPSPA has greatly decreased the load of this office. HK processed all memberships and conference registrations, and then sent a check to me at regular intervals, along with a very clear spread sheet. They are also responsible for maintaining the membership database. Kim Scott worked closely with me to deal with any of the problems that members had with registration, and was very responsive to all issues that came up. There was a clear sense that they were serving us. They provided a tremendously helpful and timesaving service. At no time did I have a sense of loss of control over money or membership procedures or issues. Quite the contrary, their service provided more time for me to address bigger issues, while they dealt with the details. And, this was offered at a very reasonable cost.

From the view of Conference Manager (Penny McCullagh)
This is the first year our conference used the services of HK to register participants on-line for the conference. The process worked very well with only minor glitches for the first attempt. HK provided updated lists of participants as well as income at key periods throughout the registration process. They provided the data in the format requested (excel spreadsheet) so that name badges could be generated. For on site registration they supplied our registrar with a Blackberry. We did have a slight problem with the Blackberry I that it did not print but we were still able to register and record all our on- site participants. HK was also able to handle individuals who required refunds. With some minor modifications to next year’s process I have no doubt we will have a system that will make our work far easier. Also HK was very responsive to any requests or concerns that we had.

From the view of the Communications Director (Kent Kowalski)
Working with HK in the publication of our newsletter in particular has been the single (and most wonderful) benefit of our association with HK from my position as communication director. Now, I just have to collect, organize, and do a preliminary edit of information for each newsletter – and then HK does the rest (other than a final reading of the proofs)! Now that I no longer have to actually do the formatting of the newsletter, my time spent on the newsletter has literally been cut by about 200% (plus, the newsletter is far more visually appealing than what I had done). In addition to the newsletter, another of my responsibilities has been to update the content of the web-site. The current process requires me to send along requests for content changes, and I’ve found those changes to be made in an accurate and timely fashion.