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Human Kinetics Product Reviews

At Human Kinetics, we work hard every day to try and craft the very best products for our customers. Whether its a book, online course, ebook or journal we take a lot of pride in the things we publish.

Customer Reviews

We're confident in the quality of our products, that's why we have a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee on all books. But we also know that people value real opinions from fellow readers. 

That's why we're asking you, our readers, to write product reviews on our site for all the products you've read, used, watched and learnt from. At the bottom of every product page, you'll see a "CUSTOMER REVIEWS" box. In there you'll see what others have thought of the product and its average star rating. We'd like to see more reviews and that's where you come in.

Please click the link "Write Review" it only takes a few moments and helps your fellow physical activity enthusiasts make informed decisions on Human Kinetics products. 




Please find your recent purchases and leave a star rating and useful product review.

We look forward to reading your reviews!

Press Reviews

If you're a journalist or blogger and would like to feature our products, please contact Hannah Ellerton at

Academic Reviews

If you'd like to review a desk copy, head to our Desk Copy Evaluation form.