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SHAPE America Resources

SHAPE America Resources

Physical Best Professional Development

Physical Best is a program of resources and training for K-12 physical educators. Developed by SHAPE America, K-12 teachers have used Physical Best for years as an effective tool to implement health-related fitness education, including curriculum development and health-related fitness activities. The program's teacher's guide helps teachers plan and conduct fun and developmentally appropriate activities—wide-ranging competitive and non-competitive activities that have been crafted and field-tested by physical educators across the country—that allow all students to take part successfully.

Physical educators can use Physical Best resources to refine their programs or to develop new programs at the school, district, or state level, including teacher training and certification.

Physical Best workshops. Available from SHAPE America, these training workshops cover a variety of topics designed to help ensure successful program implementation, including:

  • Essentials of the Presidential Youth Fitness Program
  • Physical Best Gets FITT
  • Assessment with FitnessGram®
  • Physical Best Health Fitness Specialist Certification

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