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    In the first book on this tragic event, 4:09:43, Hal Higdon, a contributing editor at Runner’s World, tells the tale of Boston 2013. The book’s title refers to the numbers on the finish-line clock when the first bomb exploded. In 4:09:43, Higdon views Boston 2013 through the eyes of those running the race, focusing on 75 runners and their individual stories, collected uniquely through social media: blogs posted online, stories offered on Facebook, and e-mails sent to the author.

    In 4:09:43, Higdon presents these stories, condensing and integrating them into a smooth-flowing narrative that begins with runners boarding the buses at Boston Common, continues with the wait at the Athletes’ Village in Hopkinton, and flows through eight separate towns. The story does not end until the 23,000 participants encounter the terror on Boylston Street. “These are not 75 separate stories,” says Higdon. “This is one story told as it might have been by a single runner with 75 pairs of eyes.”

    One warning about reading 4:09:43: You will cry. But you will laugh too, because for most of those who covered the 26 miles 385 yards from Hopkinton to Boylston Street, this was a joyous journey. In future years as people look back on the Boston Marathon bombings, 4:09:43 will be the book that everyone will need to have read.

    Table of Contents

    Foreword by Kathrine Switzer

    Chapter 1 The Common
    Chapter 2 Copley Square
    Chapter 3 Athletes’ Village
    Chapter 4 Hopkinton Green
    Chapter 5 Ashland
    Chapter 6 Framingham
    Chapter 7 Natick
    Chapter 8 Wellesley
    Chapter 9 Newton
    Chapter 10 Brookline
    Chapter 11 Boylston Street
    Chapter 12 4:09:43
    Chapter 13 The horror!
    Chapter 14 Diaspora
    Chapter 15 Logan

    The Participants
    About the Author
    The ONE Fund

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