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Delavier's Sculpting Anatomy for Women

Delavier's Sculpting Anatomy for Women


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    Get an inside view of muscles in action. Like having an X-ray as you work out, Delavier’s Sculpting Anatomy for Women features full-color photos and detailed anatomical illustrations of exercises for slimming, shaping, and toning the core, butt, and legs.

    Whether you’re looking to eliminate love handles, tighten your glutes, or add definition to your legs, Delavier’s Sculpting Anatomy for Women presents the exercises, programming, and advice for the results you want. It’s all here and all in the stunning detail that only Frédéric Delavier can provide!

    Step-by-step instructions work in tandem with the anatomical illustrations to ensure clear understanding of how to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of each exercise. You’ll see how muscles interact with surrounding joints and skeletal structures and learn how variations can make each exercise easier or more intense.

    Delavier’s Sculpting Anatomy for Women also includes nutrition recommendations; breathing techniques; and a customizable program for toning, strengthening, and sculpting your abs, glutes, and legs in just 90 days!

    The former editor in chief of PowerMag in France, author and illustrator Frédéric Delavier is a journalist for Le Monde du Muscle and a contributor to Men’s Health Germany and several other strength publications. His previous publications, Strength Training Anatomy and Women's Strength Training Anatomy, have sold more than 2 million copies.

    Table of Contents


    Your Mission: A Flat Belly and a Sexy Butt in Three Months

    Five Tips to Get You Started

    1. Motivation Is Essential
    2. It’s Never Too Late to Reshape Your Body
    3. Exercise for Your Health
    4. Listen to Your Body
    5. Exercise for Beauty

    Nutrition: The Foundation of Your Health
    Rules of Nutrition
    Nutrients That Give You Energy

    How to Work Your Buttocks and Abdominal Muscles
    Sculpt Your Butt
    Sculpt Your Abs

    Get Rid of Cellulite
    Two Types of Cellulite
    Reasons You Get Cellulite
    How to Beat Cellulite

    Static Stretch for the Waist
    Standing Side Bend
    Torso Twist With a Stick
    Lying Torso Twist
    Side Plank

    Crunch, Feet on the Floor
    Crunch, Legs Raised
    Sit-Up, Feet on the Floor
    Crunch, Feet on a Bench
    Oblique Crunch, Feet on the Floor or a Bench
    Oblique Crunch, Legs Raised
    Reverse Crunch
    Oblique Bicycle

    Leg Lift to the Side
    Leg Lift on the Belly
    Leg Lift on the Knees
    Leg Lift With a Bent Knee
    Opposite Arm and Leg Raise
    Side Leg Raise on the Knees
    Bridge, Feet on a Bench
    Bridge With One Leg Raised
    Lying Hamstring Stretch
    Buttocks Stretch
    Leg Extension to the Back
    Leg Extension to the Side
    Lateral Leg Curl

    Standing Knee Raise
    Body-Weight Squat
    Squat With a Bar
    Wide-Leg Squat
    Good Morning With a Bar
    Step-Up on a Bench
    Forward Lunge
    Forward Lunge With Dumbbells
    Alternating Side Lunge
    Standing Hamstring Stretch
    Hamstring Stretch Using a Bench
    Standing Calf Raise
    Calf Raise Using a Dumbbell
    Calf Stretch


    Know Your Body Well So You Can Train Effectively
    Dominant Characteristics
    Personalizing Your Training

    Design Your Program
    Morphology A, Program 1: Beginner
    Morphology A, Program 2: Intermediate
    Morphology A, Program 3: Advanced
    Morphology B, Program 1: Beginner
    Morphology B, Program 2: Intermediate
    Morphology B, Program 3: Advanced
    Morphology C, Program 1: Beginner
    Morphology C, Program 2: Intermediate
    Morphology C, Program 3: Advanced

    About the Author

    Frédéric Delavier is a gifted artist with an exceptional knowledge of human anatomy. He studied morphology and anatomy for five years at the prestigious École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and studied dissection for three years at the Paris Faculté de Médecine.

    The former editor in chief of the French magazine PowerMag, Delavier is currently a journalist for the French magazine Le Monde du Muscle and a contributor to several other muscle publications, including Men's Health Germany. He is the author of the best-selling Strength Training Anatomy, Women’s Strength Training Anatomy, The Strength Training Anatomy Workout, The Strength Training Anatomy Workout II, Delavier's Core Training Anatomy, and Delavier's Stretching Anatomy.Delavier won the French powerlifting title in 1988 and makes annual presentations on the sport applications of biomechanics at conferences in Switzerland. His teaching efforts have earned him the Grand Prix de Techniques et de Pédagogie Sportive. Delavier lives in Paris, France.

    Jean-Pierre Clémenceau, a graduate of Etat, is the fitness coach of the stars. He has worked with legendary actresses, including Charlotte Gainsbourg, Emmanuelle Béart, and Academy Award winner Juliette Binoche. He has trained numerous French personalities using an approach based on positioning and breathing. He is also the author or coauthor of a number of books related to fitness and health, including Delavier’s Stretching Anatomy.