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Modern Art of High Intensity Training, The

Modern Art of High Intensity Training, The


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    A book on high intensity training should deliver an impact equal to the training itself. Lucky for you, this one does.

    The Modern Art of High Intensity Training is sport and strength, movement and passion. It is a guide like no other. From the stunning artwork to the 127 workouts, it’s designed to be a difference maker. Whether you use this resource as a supplement to an existing training program, or replace a program that has become tired and stale, you’ll view and use this book time and time again.

    See high intensity training in an entirely new light. You’ll find 40 exercises, each detailed and depicted with art, photos, and modifications; 127 workouts and circuits to mix things up; warm-up, safety, and injury prevention recommendations; and—if you’re up to the challenge—an original 15-week program.

    The Modern Art of High Intensity Training has everything you need and want in a workout program. Change, variety, inspiration, motivation, challenge, and results—it’s rendered and written and delivered to you on every page. So now is the time. Make an impact.

    Table of Contents

    Why You Need a Program to Be Successful
    Using Training Fundamentals as a Starting Point
    Principle 1: Progression
    Principle 2: Continuity
    Principle 3: Variety
    Principle 4: Nonlinearity
    Principle 5: Load and Recovery
    What You Should Know About Physiology
    The Energy Continuum
    Quick, Energy!
    Lactate Is at the Heart of Energy Production
    What About Recovery?
    Adjusting the Intensity
    Using Time Under Tension to Adjust the Load
    Things That Interfere With Training
    Rule 1: Prioritize the Objective
    Rule 2: Work Out in the Right Order
    Rule 3: Avoid Bad Combinations
    Combinations That Work
    How to Use This Book
    The Warm-Up
    Basic Warm-Up Reminders
    How to Plan a Warm-Up
    Principles to Keep in Mind
    Essential Parts of the Warm-Up
    General Warm-Up
    Auxiliary Warm-Up
    Specific Warm-Up
    Specific High Intensity Training Routines
    Technical Foundation
    Foundational Exercises
    Clean and Jerk
                        Workout—Clean and Jerks
              Sandbag Clean
              Tire Clean
                        Workout—Tire Cleans
              Kettlebell Variations
                        Workout—Kettlebell Snatches
                        Workout—Kettlebell Cleans
              Bent-Over Row
                        Workout—Bent-Over Rows
    Basic Athletic Exercises
              Different Types of Squats
              Anatomy Reminders
              How Far Should You Go Down in a Squat?
              Squat Mythology
              Range of Motion and Performance
              Squat Technique
              Front Squat
                        Workout—Front Squats
              Overhead Squat
                        Workout—Overhead Squats
              One-Legged (Bulgarian Split) Squat
                        Workout—One-Legged Squats
              Pistol Squat (Air Squat on One Leg)
                        Workout—Pistol Squats
                        Workout—Mixed Squats
              Landmine Squat
              Landmine Obliques
                        Workouts—Landmine Squats
              Bench Press
                        Workout—Bench Presses
              Bench Press With Dumbbells or Kettlebells
                        Workout—Bench Presses With Dumbbells or Kettlebells
              Kettlebell Swing
                        Workout—Kettlebell Swings
              Straight-Leg Deadlift
                        Workout—Straight-Leg Deadlifts
              Sumo Deadlift
                        Workout—Sumo Deadlifts
    Bodyweight Exercises
    Foundation for Pull-Ups
              Archer Pull-Up
                        Workout—Archer Pull-Ups
              Open-Hand (Clapping) Pull-Up
                        Workout—Clapping Pull-Ups
              Rope Climbing
              Clapping Push-Up
                        Workout—Clapping Push-Ups
                        Explosive Push-Up
              Double Knee Tuck Push-Up
              Aztec Push-Up
              Superman Push-Up
                        Workout—Explosive Push-Ups
    Battle Ropes
                        Workout—Battle Ropes
    Core Exercises
              Toes to Bar
                        Workout—Toes to Bars
              Turkish Get-Up
                        Workout—Turkish Get-Ups
              Barbell Ab Rollout
                        Workout—Barbell Ab Rollouts
              Running Techniques
              A Total-Body Approach to Running Mechanics
    Parameters of Running
    Mechanics of Stride Adaptation
    The 15-Week Modern Art Program
    Phase 1—Fundamentals
    Phase 2—Structural Development
    Phase 3—Intensify
    Phase 4—Optimize

    About the Author

    Aurélien Broussal-Derval holds master’s degrees in strength and conditioning, sport and rehabilitation, and performance engineering. He also has a degree in sport sciences from the National Institute of Sport and Physical Education (INSEP) in Paris, France. He is the author of French best-sellers Modern Physique Training, Judo Physique Training, Proprioception, and Field Tests: Protocols for Measuring Sport Performance. Broussal-Derval’s career as a strength and conditioning coach is highlighted by his training of Olympic medalists, professional athletes, the French Olympic weightlifting team, the French boxing teams, and the British and Russian judo teams. He currently leads research for France Volleyball and is technical director to one of the world’s premier martial arts studios, the prestigious Cercle Tissier in Vincennes. Broussal-Derval lives in Paris.

    Stéphane Ganneau is a professional illustrator and graphic designer. After training in applied arts in Nantes, France, he launched his career in advertising and product design. After 15 years, Ganneau’s independent spirit, need for creativity, and desire for challenge drew him away from industry work. He now merges his love for illustration with his passion for strength training. His strong graphics, expressive lines, and vibrant colors result is a distinctive style that pairs perfectly with The Modern Art of High Intensity Training.

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