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Softball Coaching Bible, Volume II, The

Softball Coaching Bible, Volume II, The


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    For more than a decade, coaches have relied on one classic resource for their every coaching need. Featuring the advice, wisdom, and insights from the sport’s legendary coaches, The Softball Coaching Bible, Volume I, has become the essential guide for coaches at every level worldwide.

    The Softball Coaching Bible, Volume II, picks up where the first volume left off, providing more instruction, guidance, recommendations, and expertise for every aspect of the sport.

    The NFCA has put together another stellar lineup of coaches who share the guidance that helped them establish such well-respected softball programs:
    Patty Gasso
    Jeanne Tostenson-Scarpello
    Chris Bellotto
    George Wares
    Kris Herman
    Bob Ligouri
    Karen Weekly
    Elaine Sortino
    Frank Griffin
    Bonnie Tholl
    Michelle Venturella
    Beth Torina
    Jenny Allard
    Ehren Earleywine
    Erica Beach
    Stacey Nuveman
    John Tschida
    Teena Murray
    Donna Papa
    Carol Bruggeman
    Kyla Holas
    Kelly Inouye-Perez
    Sandy Montgomery
    Rachel Lawson
    Kristi Bredbenner
    Deanna Gumpf

    It’s all here—developing players, building a winning program, assessing and refining essential skills and techniques, and incorporating the most effective strategies for any opponent or in-game situation.

    If you coach the sport and want a competitive edge in today’s game, The Softball Coaches Bible, Volume II, is the must-have resource for every season.

    Table of Contents

    Part I  Coaching Priorities and Principles
    Chapter 1 Sharing the Passion
    Chapter 2 Defining Expectations
    Chapter 3 Establishing a Winning Attitude
    Chapter 4 Playing Hard and Respecting the Game
    Chapter 5 Leading by Example
    Part II   Program Building and Management
    Chapter 6 Building a Successful High School Program
    Chapter 7 Building a Successful College Program
    Chapter 8 Selecting and Mentoring Your Staff
    Chapter 9 Promoting Your Program
    Chapter 10    Recruiting the Right Way
    Part III  Effective Practice Sessions
    Chapter 11    Structuring Indoor and Outdoor Practices
    Chapter 12    Minimizing Monotony
    Part IV   Player Skills and Team Strategies
    Chapter 13    Batting Practice for Power and Consistency
    Chapter 14    Firming Up Offensive Fundamentals
    Chapter 15    Developing Your Pitching Staff
    Chapter 16    Developing Your Receiver
    Chapter 17    Fielding Practice for Errorless Play
    Chapter 18    Strength Training, Conditioning, and Agility
    Part V    Player Motivation and Leadership
    Chapter 19    Establishing a Positive Player-Coach Relationship
    Chapter 20    Understanding Today’s Athlete
    Chapter 21    Assessing Your Team's Mental Makeup
    Chapter 22    Building Team Chemistry
    Chapter 23    Developing Student-Athletes off the Field
    Part VI   Coaching Challenges, Pressures, and Opportunities
    Chapter 24    Handling Each Season's Highs and Lows
    Chapter 25    Continuing to Learn, Continuing to Develop
    Chapter 26    Coaching, Family, and Personal Priorities

    About the Author

    The National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA) is the sport's leading professional growth organization for coaches at all competitive levels of play. The NFCA works to formulate guiding principles, standards, and policies for conducting competitive fastpitch softball programs for girls and women. It encourages players to participate in softball with the highest tradition of competition and to become leaders in their fastpitch programs. The NFCA recognizes outstanding members through its Victory Club and Coach of the Year awards programs, in addition to All-Region, All-American, and Scholar-Athlete awards programs for members' college and high school players. The NFCA also works with USA Today to produce polls for NCAA Division I, II, and III and high school softball teams, and it hosts collegiate tournaments and recruiting camps across the nation.

    The NFCA headquarters are located in Louisville, Kentucky.

    Gayle Blevins served as head coach for Division I collegiate softball programs for 31 years, coaching at Indiana University from 1980 to 1987 and at the University of Iowa from 1988 to 2010. She brought the two teams to the Women’s College World Series seven times and never had a losing season at either university. She led her teams to eight Big Ten championships, winning five of them. She amassed 1,245 wins overall. Additionally, she has seen nearly 80 of her former players become coaches of their own teams across the nation.

    Blevins was named NCAA Division I Coach of the Year by the National Softball Coaches Association in 1986 when the Hoosiers finished in third place in the Women’s College World Series under her tutelage. Blevins was inducted into the National Fastpitch Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 1999. Twice she has been selected as the Division I National Coach of the Year.

    Blevins now works as a National Fastpitch Coaches College instructor. She also serves as a public speaker for national conventions, service organizations, educational institutions, and corporations across the United States.


    The Softball Coaching Bible is the most comprehensive resource offered to coaches in my three decades of coaching fastpitch softball. This book provides insight from some of the best coaches in the game to help you develop your players and take your program to the next level.”

    Mike Candrea-- Head Softball Coach University of Arizona