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Adapted Aquatics Instruction Course

Adapted Aquatics Instruction Course


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    Online Course

    Adapted Aquatics Instruction Course acquaints you with the field of adapted aquatics by taking you through the same units of study as the highly effective Introduction to Adapted Aquatics Instruction course. You then go beyond the introductory information into more advanced study of topics important to planning and implementing an adapted aquatics program. This course comes packaged with two outstanding additional resources: the textbook Adapted Aquatics Programming, Second Edition, and the 45-minute DVD Introduction to Adapted Aquatics.

    Advanced topics covered include:
    • Terminology for adapted aquatic instructors
    • Application of individualized instructional planning including writing goals and objectives specific to desired outcomes
    • Strategies for inclusion and addition information on the least restrictive environment
    • Instructional strategies and use of equipment including practical implications for designing developmentally appropriate programs and activities
    This course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of 21 disabilities, including learning the definition, characteristics, and secondary conditions associated with each disability; along with specific aquatic implications for participation, learning, safety, swim skill development, and contraindications. The accompanying textbook, Adapted Aquatics Programming, Second Edition, is the leading text in the field and expands upon and reinforces the content presented in the course. The DVD Introduction to Adapted Aquatics shows the current best-practices in action.

    The course concludes with a test at the end to demonstrate your mastery of the material and uncover areas where additional study might be necessary.


    An online course for swim instructors, swim instructor trainers, physical therapists, and anyone working with individuals with disabilities.

    Table of Contents

    Unit 1. Overview of Adapted Aquatics
    Unit 2. How Disability Affects Movement in Water
    Unit 3. Communication with Swimmers and their Significant Others
    Unit 4. Physical Support and Safety of Swimmers with Disabilities
    Unit 5. Inclusive Alternative Environments in Aquatics
    Unit 6. Unique Attributes of Swimmers with Disabilities
    Unit 7. Advanced Terminology for Adapted Aquatics Instructors
    Unit 8. Advanced Application of Individualized Instructional Planning
    Unit 9. Advanced Knowledge of Inclusion and the Least Restrictive Environment
    Unit 10. Advanced Instructional Strategies and Use of Equipment