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    Smart, aggressive baserunning will change a game, a series, and even a season. It sets the philosophy and mind-set of the coaches, trainers, and players. It becomes instinctual and contagious. It translates to pressure and, most important, wins.

    Baserunning is the most complete and authoritative guide on this critical yet often-overlooked offensive skill. You’ll go inside today’s game to learn the techniques and strategies for ruling the basepaths. Discover the secrets to leading off, detecting pick-off attempts, improving first-step speed, avoiding tags, and determining the best counts and situations for success in stealing bases. 

    But the art of baserunning is more than just speed and swiping bags—it is effortlessly and efficiently rounding the bases, taking the extra base, tagging up, reading defensive positioning, scouting strengths and weakness, forcing errors, and ultimately scoring runs. Only Baserunning covers it all.

    With major league advice, skill assessment, the best player and team drills, expert instruction, detailed photo sequences, and proven exercises and routines for speed, agility, and quickness, Baserunning is a must-have for every coach, player, and student of the game.

    Table of Contents


    Part I Basepath Fundamentals
    Chapter 1 More Than Speed
    Chapter 2 Sliding
    Chapter 3 Leading Off

    Part II Running the Bases
    Chapter 4 Breaking From the Box
    Chapter 5 Infield Grounders
    Chapter 6 Outfield Flies

    Part III Base Stealing
    Chapter 7 Stealing Second Base
    Chapter 8 Stealing Third Base
    Chapter 9 Stealing Home
    Chapter 10 Double Steal

    Part IV Strength and Conditioning
    Chapter 11 Developing Power
    Chapter 12 Speed and Quickness
    Chapter 13 Off-Season Conditioning

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