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Basketball Offenses & Plays

Basketball Offenses & Plays


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    Make the most of every possession with the help of Basketball Offenses & Plays. Inside you’ll find
    • 22 man-to-man offenses,
    • 15 zone offenses,
    • 51 quick-scoring and delay offenses,
    • 26 special situational plays, and
    • 62 inbounds plays.

    Each section contains a variety of sets and plays, all clearly explained and diagrammed. The presentation will assist you in selecting the best options for your offense based on the game situation, your personnel on the court, your preferred playing style, and your opponent’s personnel and tactics. Basketball Offenses & Plays provides all the information you need to make the right call every time your team has the ball.

    Table of Contents

    Part I Man-to-Man Offenses
    Chapter 1 Passing Game Offenses
    Chapter 2 1-4 High Sets
    Chapter 3 Common Man-to-Man Offenses
    Chapter 4 Unique Offensive Strategies

    Part II Zone Offenses
    Chapter 5 Tulsa Passing Game
    Chapter 6 Common Zone Offenses
    Chapter 7 Offenses Versus a Box-and-One
    Chapter 8 Offenses Versus a Triangle-and-Two

    Part III Quick Scoring and Delay Offenses
    Chapter 9 Fast Breaks
    Chapter 10 Quick Hitters
    Chapter 11 Delay Games

    Part IV Situational Plays
    Chapter 12 Three Pointers
    Chapter 13 Buzzer Beaters

    Part V In-Bound Plays
    Chapter 14 Under the Basket
    Chapter 15 From the Sideline
    Chapter 16 When Opponent Presses
    Chapter 17 After Opponent Makes a Free Throw