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Basketball Skills & Drills-4th Edition

Basketball Skills & Drills-4th Edition


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    Before you can make that winning buzzer beater, you need to master fundamental skills in all phases of the game. The fourth edition of the best-selling instructional resource Basketball Skills & Drills provides the perfect blueprint for building the foundation that all well-rounded players and championship teams need.

    With complete coverage of individual skills and team play, you’ll find 103 developmental drills covering everything from stance and footwork to scoring plays and transitions. Enhanced with an online video library featuring 42 clips demonstrating the drills in action, you’ll have the optimal guide for mastering these fundamental skills:
    • Player positioning
    • Footwork
    • Moving without the ball
    • Ballhandling and court vision
    • Shooting
    • Perimeter moves
    • Post moves
    • Rebounding
    • Team offense
    • Team defense
    Recognizing that individual skills are effective only when used within the team concept, the book also covers team principles for both ends of the court. Tactics for offense, including special situations for out-of-bounds plays, will improve spacing, ball and player movement, shot selection, and scoring. Defensive tactics emphasize positioning, pressure, and various systems to apply in each zone of the court.

    At all levels of basketball, success comes with mastery of the basic skills. Basketball Skills & Drills is your best-selling guide to becoming that dominant force on the court.

    Table of Contents

    Drill Finder
    Key to Diagrams
    Chapter 1. Body Control and Fundamental Footwork
    Quick Stance
    Quick Starts, Steps, Turns, and Stops
    Quick Jumps
    Basic Body-Control Drills
    Chapter 2. Advanced Body Control
    Concepts of Moving Without the Ball on Offense
    Basic Moves or Steps Without the Ball
    Screen Moves
    Drills for Moving Without the Ball 
    Chapter 3. Ballhandling
    Passing and Catching
    Passing–Catching Principles
    Types of Passes
    Catching Principles
    Communication of Passing and Catching
    Basic Ballhandling Drills
    Chapter 4. Shooting
    Field-Goal Shooting
    Shooting Mechanics
    Types of Shots
    Free-Throw Shooting
    Shooting Drills
    Chapter 5. Outside Offensive Moves: Playing the Perimeter
    Fundamentals of Live-Ball Moves
    Fundamentals of Dead-Ball Moves
    Perimeter Play Drills
    Chapter 6. Inside Offensive Moves: Playing the Post
    Post Play Fundamentals
    Post Skills
    Post or Inside Moves
    Post Drills
    Chapter 7. Individual Defense
    Fundamentals of Defense
    Essentials of Defense
    On-the-Ball Defense
    Off-the-Ball Defense
    Post Defense
    On-the-Ball to Off-the-Ball Defense
    Off-the-Ball to On-the-Ball Defense
    Special Defensive Situations
    Pressuring the Shot
    Defensive Drills
    Chapter 8. Rebounding
    Rebounding Tools
    Motivating Players to Rebound
    Rebounding Rules
    Defensive Rebounding
    Offensive Rebounding
    Rebounding Assessment
    Rebounding Drills
    Chapter 9. Team Offense
    General Offensive Principles
    Player Positions and Responsibilities
    Offensive Team Tactics
    Drills for Team Offense
    Chapter 10. Team Defense
    Defensive Court Levels
    Defensive Categories
    Drills for Team Defense
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