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Be a Successful In-Home/Mobile Trainer Online CE Course

Be a Successful In-Home/Mobile Trainer Online CE Course


Available As

    Online Course

    This course is delivered online and includes a continuing education exam.

    Mobile fitness training is a booming sector of the health and fitness industry. Be a Successful In-Home/Mobile Trainer Online CE Course will help you take your fitness services on the road and increase your profits without spending money on rent, studio fees, and expensive equipment. With this course, you will learn how to use mobile fitness training as a vehicle to improve exercise adherence with your current clientele and reach new clients who would not otherwise use traditional fitness services.

    Be a Successful In-Home/Mobile Trainer Online CE Course will help you to understand the differences between the in-home or mobile client and the gym client. The course provides information on business startup plans, creating your business identity, developing a specialty niche, inexpensive marketing tactics, becoming comfortable selling your services, liability issues unique to mobile fitness, and staffing your mobile business. The course concludes with a continuing education exam for credit through participating organizations.

    Course Objectives
    • Understand the process required to begin a new business, become aware of the support resources available, and determine whether entrepreneurship is right for them.
    • Develop skills and learn what is required for success with a mobile business.
    • Design effective personal training sessions in all environments with limited exercise equipment.
    • Use successful yet inexpensive marketing tactics.
    • Become comfortable with selling your own unique fitness services.
    • Identify and reduce the risks unique to a mobile fitness business.
    • Gain exceptional customer service in gaining and retaining clients.


    A continuing education course for personal trainers, health and fitness instructors, and fitness professionals.

    Table of Contents

    Part I. Using This Manual

    Part II. Introduction: Why Mobile Training?

    Part III. How Mobile Training Differs From Gym Training
    The Ever Changing Environment
    Recommended Exercise Equipment for the Mobile Trainer
    Part IV. Is Entrepreneurship For You?
    Establishing The Framework Of Your Mobile Fitness Business
    Part V. Begin Writing a Business Plan
    What Is Your Dream or Vision?
    Create Your Business Identity
    Find a Specialty Area (Niche)
    Research and Development
    SWOT Analysis and Competitor Analysis

    Part VI. Choosing Your Business Legal Structure

    Part VII. Financial Planning
    Sample startup expenses
    Sample fixed and variable costs
    Sample operating expenses
    Break-even analysis example
    Pricing your services
    Accounting basics
    Part VIII. Marketing the Mobile Fitness Business
    Create a 12-Month Marketing Plan
    10-Marketing Musts

    Part IX. Selling Your Mobile Fitness Training Services
    Create a 30-Second “Commercial”
    Tips for Successful Selling Your Services
    7 Steps for Successful Sales
    How to Handle Inquiries on the Phone
    Sample Email and Website Inquiries and Responses
    Answering Machine 101
    Creating Sales Scripts
    Part X. Staffing the Mobile Fitness Business
    The Main Differences Between Independent Contractors and Employees
    Interviewing and Hiring Tips
    Part XI. Risk Management
    The Importance of Purchasing Liability Insurance
    Safety Issues Using a Client’s Home Equipment
    Part XII. Always Go the Extra Mile
    The Power of Positive Energy
    Putting the “Personal” in Your Services
    How to Be a Fitness Professional and a Healthy Role Model
    Part XII. Self-Care
    How to Organize Your Vehicle
    How to Avoid Burnout
    Part XIII. Conclusion
    The Story of the Crab Bucket
    Three to Five Goals to Accomplish in the Next Three Months
    Create Your Vision/Dream
    Create Your Business Identity
    How to Find Your Specialty or Niche
    SWOT and Competitor Analysis
    Business Startup Checklist
    Operations/Forms Checklist
    12 Month Marketing Plan
    30 Second Commercial
    Role Playing Practice for Phone Inquiries
    Sample Survey Questions
    Mobile Training Scenarios

    About the Author

    Machelle Lee, BS, is the founder and owner of the Invisible Gym, a company that provides alternatives to services offered in traditional health clubs. Her efforts have resulted in an affordable and convenient way to promote fitness for this population. She holds dual bachelor’s degrees in health sciences and psychology from Chico State University and is certified by ACE.

    Ryan Andrews, MA, is the co-owner of the Invisible Gym. He has over 15 years of management and leadership experience in the fitness and wellness fields. He holds certifications through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the American Council on Exercise.


    "I now have the confidence to begin writing my ideas and plans for branching out on my own. This is great starter information for what to consider in starting a personal business. I appreciated all the listed websites in the course for ideas and further information."

    N. Houdeshell—Littleton, Colorado

    "This course is informative with guidelines on getting your business known and increasing clientele through advertising. It helped me grow my business and be successful."

    S. Bryant—La Mesa, California

    “This course gave me the details associated with building an on-the-road fitness business, particularly with marketing services. It is a complete primer with recommendations and examples that can be immediately applied to a mobile fitness business.”

    L. Hetcher—Morris Township, New Jersey

    "I liked it. The course was easy to understand and included good resources needed to start my own mobile training business."

    M. McFadin—Ft. Worth, Texas