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Body Trainer for Men eBook

Body Trainer for Men eBook


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    Working out but not getting results? If you’re seeking improved fitness and muscle tone or a slimmer, more ripped physique, Body Trainer for Men is your ticket to an ideal physique.

    Fitness expert and writer Ray Klerck, one of the world’s most sought-after personal trainers, has produced a comprehensive fitness guide specifically tailored to the unique needs and goals of men. In this book, you will find workout programmes that can be performed at home or in the park as well as in the gym, making this resource completely accessible and convenient.

    Body Trainer for Men offers solutions to the most common issues men face inside and outside the gym. So if you are stressed or overweight and want to muscle up in a short time, now you have the means to fix these problems without spending for a personal trainer.

    The methods and training plans are all linked, so rather than being forced into a particular goal, you can make desired improvements concurrently. Whatever your present needs or future goals may be, you’ll find the advice in this guide 100 per cent effective.

    Table of Contents


    Chapter 1. Getting Started
    Chapter 2. Eating Right
    Chapter 3. Site-Specific Gains
    Chapter 4. Cooling Down and Stretching
    Chapter 5. Total Muscle Gaining for Beginners
    Chapter 6. Total Muscle Gaining for Intermediates
    Chapter 7. Total Muscle Gaining for Advanced Lifters
    Chapter 8. Minor Slimming
    Chapter 9. Major Trimming
    Chapter 10. The Time-Poor Man’s Workout
    Chapter 11. Double-Duty Workouts
    Chapter 12. Sports Training

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    About the Author

    About the Author

    Ray Klerck is a well-known personal trainer and former fitness editor for Men’s Health magazine in the UK. He has also appeared as a fitness model on the cover of that publication. Today he continues as a Men’s Health fitness and nutrition advisor on a freelance basis. He writes and edits an 18-page section of the magazine titled Personal Trainer and contributes regular in-depth features on health and fitness for other popular publications such as FHM, GQ, Fighters Only, and Men’s Fitness.

    After qualifying as a Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) level 4 master personal trainer and nutrition specialist with Premier Global (equivalent to NASM CPT), Klerck joined Men’s Health UK in 2001. Over the next seven years he became the most successful fitness editor in the magazine’s history, combining his expert knowledge with the latest scientific research to create award-winning exercise and nutrition programmes.

    Klerck has trained clients from all backgrounds—celebrities, athletes, Men’s Health staff and readers—helping ordinary people build muscle and burn fat for remarkable before-and-after results featured in the magazine. Klerck’s influence helped Men’s Health become the UK’s best-selling men’s magazine, and his workouts continue to reach large audiences in Australia and the UK. Men’s Health UK has been voted best edition of that global publication (48 editions total) for four years in a row. It has also won accolades as UK Magazine of the Year.

    Klerck lives in Ballina, Australia. His work continues to appear in multiple international Men’s Health editions and is followed by millions of readers each month. Klerck recently coauthored A Fist Full of Food with Matt Lovell, the UK’s leading sport nutritionist.


    Body Trainer for Men provides the proven programs for men striving to develop the ultimate physique.”

    Simon Butler-White-- Editor, Men’s Fitness UK

    “In Body Trainer for Men, Ray Klerck exploits the link between nutrition and performance and gives you the tools you need to reach your fitness goals.”

    Matt Lovell-- Nutritionist, UK Olympics, Rugby Football Union

    “If you want to build muscle and lose fat, Body Trainer for Men is the book for you. Ray Klerck delivers workouts that will challenge you and produce maximum results.”

    Nick Peet-- Editor, Fighters Only Magazine