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Bodyweight Strength Training Poster: Core and Whole Body

Bodyweight Strength Training Poster: Core and Whole Body


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    Featuring the captivating artwork from the best-selling book Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy, Bodyweight Strength Training: Core and Whole Body presents nine of the most effective exercises in a full-color, oversized poster format.

    Bodyweight Strength Training: Core and Whole Body features exercise instruction and illustrations for the following:

    • Superman

    • Bicycle

    • Double-leg lowering with bent knees (with lying straight-leg raise variation)

    • Side plank (with feet-elevated variation)

    • Burpee

    • Push-up with hip extension

    • Bear crawl

    • Crocodile crawl

    • Crab walk

    Providing an understanding of the primary and secondary muscles involved in each bodyweight exercise, the illustrations and step-by-step instructions clearly identify safe resistance training movements that can be performed anywhere.

    Individual poster size: 24 by 31 inches (60 x 80 cm)

    Posters can be purchased individually or as a series.

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