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Brain-Compatible Dance Education 2nd Edition PDF With Web Resource

Brain-Compatible Dance Education 2nd Edition PDF With Web Resource


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    Table of Contents

    Part I. Foundations of Brain-Compatible Dance Education
    Chapter 1. The Body–Brain Connection
    Chapter 2. Principles of Brain-Compatible Dance Education
    Chapter 3. Planning Brain-Compatible Lessons
    Chapter 4. Assessment Strategies

    Part II. Brain-Compatible Lesson Plan Sections
    Chapter 5. Warming Up
    Chapter 6. Exploring the Concept
    Chapter 7. Developing Skills
    Chapter 8. Creating
    Chapter 9. Cooling Down

    Part III. Brain-Compatible Lesson Plans
    Chapter 10. Ages 2 Months to 4 Years
    Chapter 11. Ages 5 to 8 Years
    Chapter 12. Ages 9 Years to Adult
    Chapter 13. Older Adults
    Chapter 14. Bonus Lesson Plans


    About the Author

    Anne Green Gilbert founded the Creative Dance Center and Kaleidoscope Dance Company in Seattle, Washington, in 1981 and the Summer Dance Institute for Teachers in 1994. Anne has had a varied teaching career. She started as an elementary school teacher and then moved on to dance and pedagogy classes at the University of Illinois at Chicago and University of Washington; she then taught children’s dance classes at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington, and at the college’s Bill Evans Dance Theater. She has been an adjunct professor at Seattle Pacific University for many years and taught for Lesley University’s Outreach master’s program for 10 years. For the past three decades, Anne has taught toddlers through adults at Creative Dance Center, trained teachers through her Summer Dance Institute, and conducted hundreds of workshops and residencies across the United States and abroad. Anne developed BrainDance, a focusing warm-up exercise, in 2000. BrainDance is used in many schools, studios, and homes around the world. Anne is internationally recognized for her work with young artists and her creative process. She has choreographed dances for university dance companies as well as Northwest dance companies and Kaleidoscope.

    Anne is the author of Teaching the Three Rs Through Movement Experiences, Creative Dance for All Ages, Brain-Compatible Dance Education, Teaching Creative Dance (DVD), and BrainDance (DVD), and numerous articles. She is an active member of the National Dance Education Organization and Dance and the Child International (daCi). Anne served on the daCi board for 12 years. She is founder and past president of the Dance Educators Association of Washington, an organization promoting quality dance education in all Washington state K-12 schools. As a member of the Arts Education Standards project, she helped write the Washington State Dance Standards and Learning Goals. Anne is the recipient of several awards and honors, including the NDA Scholar/Artist Award in 2005, the National Dance Education Organization Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011, the Lawrence Tenney Stevens American Dance Award for her work with boys and men in dance in 2014, and the American Dance Festival Balasaraswati/Joy Ann Dewey Beinecke Endowed Chair for Distinguished Teaching in 2016.

    Anne is the mother of three Kaleidoscope alums and grandmother of six dancing grandchildren. She lives in Seattle with her husband.