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Coaching Football Successfully

Coaching Football Successfully


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    As coach of the powerhouse Jenks (OK) High School Trojans, Allan Trimble has amassed an amazing number of victories, state championship titles, and national rankings. And he’s done it with a carefully planned and executed game plan that promotes the positive development of athletes and teams.

    Trimble shares the specifics of his system in Coaching Football Successfully. This meaty coaching manual covers it all: sideline communication, teaching fundamentals, practice drills, scouting and game planning, and postgame analysis and adjustments. Whatever your offensive and defensive schemes may be, you’ll find the concepts applicable to your own program.

    Loaded with detailed diagrams of plays and advice for handling off-the-field challenges, this book is of great benefit to both head coaches and assistants. Coaching Football Successfully is more than a worthwhile addition to your library; it’s a proven game plan to building a championship-caliber football team.

    Table of Contents

    Part I Foundation
    Chapter 1. Developing a Coaching Philosophy
    Chapter 2. Communicating and Motivating
    Chapter 3. Building and Maintaining a Program

    Part II Organization
    Chapter 4. Preparing for the Season
    Chapter 5. Working Together As a Staff
    Chapter 6. Planning and Conducting Practices

    Part III Instruction
    Chapter 7. Offensive Positions and Formations
    Chapter 8. Teaching Offensive Skills
    Chapter 9. Teaching Running and Passing Games
    Chapter 10. Defensive Positions and Alignments
    Chapter 11. Teaching Defensive Skills
    Chapter 12. Teaching Team Defense
    Chapter 13. Teaching the Kicking Game

    Part IV Performance
    Chapter 14. Preparing for Games
    Chapter 15. Handling Game Situations
    Chapter 16. Evaluating Players and the Program