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Coaching Girls' Soccer Successfully

Coaching Girls' Soccer Successfully


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    Build a winning girls’ soccer program, on the field and off. In Coaching Girls’ Soccer Successfully, one of the nation’s top high school coaches, Debra LaPrath, shares her expertise on all aspects of coaching. From establishing a coaching philosophy to making decisions during a game, this is the approach that has made her program a perennial powerhouse.

    Coaching Girls’ Soccer Successfully covers every aspect of the coach’s role:
    • Developing and perfecting skills
    • Evaluating players and defining their roles
    • Organizing productive practices
    • Scouting and preparing for games
    • Adding variety to training
    • Developing leadership qualities
    • Motivating the team
    • Communicating on and off the field
    Featuring seasonal training plans, drills for developing fundamental to advanced skills, and advice for handling off-the-field challenges, Coaching Girls’ Soccer Successfully is the most comprehensive resource available for novice and experienced coaches alike.

    Table of Contents

    Part I Coaching Foundation
    Chapter 1. Developing a Coaching Philosophy
    Chapter 2. Communicating Your Approach
    Chapter 3. Motivating Players
    Chapter 4. Building and Maintaining a Soccer Program

    Part II Coaching Plans
    Chapter 5. Planning for the Season
    Chapter 6. Training the Athletes
    Chapter 7. Preparing for Practices

    Part III Coaching Skills
    Chapter 8. Dribbling
    Chapter 9. Passing, Receiving, and Turning
    Chapter 10. Shooting
    Chapter 11. Heading
    Chapter 12. Goalkeeping

    Part IV Coaching Tactics and Systems
    Chapter 13. Principles of Team Play
    Chapter 14. Formations and Systems

    Part V Coaching Matches
    Chapter 15. Preparing for a Match
    Chapter 16. Handling Match-Day Situations

    Part VI Coaching Evaluation
    Chapter 17. Evaluating Players
    Chapter 18. Evaluating Your Program