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Coaching Softball Technical and Tactical Skills eBook

Coaching Softball Technical and Tactical Skills eBook


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    Unlike other softball instruction books, Coaching Softball Technical and Tactical Skills goes beyond teaching the technical basics and focuses on skills such as in-game decision making and detecting the strengths and weaknesses of opponents—the tactical skills—to prepare players for game day.

    This text is written by the American Sport Education Program (ASEP), the nation’s leading sport education provider, in conjunction with content experts Kirk Walker and Mona Stevens and endorsement from the National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA), the premier national organization for fastpitch softball.

    Coaching Softball Technical and Tactical Skills features cues to help you teach your athletes the fundamental technical and tactical skills, over 175 photos depicting the appropriate techniques, and examples of season and practice plans to help you prepare for games. Skills are organized and cross-referenced so you can see how they relate to each other.

    Coaching Softball Technical and Tactical Skills covers virtually all facets of softball: evaluating techniques, situational tactical skills, and season, practice, and game planning guides. Softball coaches and players alike will reap the benefits from this easy-to-use resource.


    Part I: Teaching and Evaluating
    Chapter 1: Teaching Sport Skills
    Chapter 2: Evaluating Technical and Tactical Skills

    Part II: Teaching Technical Skills
    Chapter 3: Offensive Technical Skills
    Chapter 4: Defensive Technical Skills

    Part III: Teaching Tactical Skills
    Chapter 5: Offensive Tactical Skills
    Chapter 6: Defensive Tactical Skills

    Part IV: Planning for Teaching
    Chapter 7: Season Plans
    Chapter 8: Practice Plans

    Part V: Game Coaching
    Chapter 9: Preparing for Games
    Chapter 10: During and After the Game