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Complete Offensive Line PDF

Complete Offensive Line PDF


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    Developing dominating offensive linemen is Rick Trickett’s specialty. His accomplishments speak for themselves: 4 first-round draft selections, 20 NFL players, 13 All-Americans, and more than 30 all-conference selections. Now with Complete Offensive Line, he’s created the most in-depth guide ever on offensive line play.

    Today’s linemen must have skill, strength, power, quickness, agility, and intelligence to excel at the position. That is why Complete Offensive Line presents it all—from footwork and hand positioning to pulling and cutbacks.

    In this one-of-a-kind guide, Trickett takes you onto the practice field and into the trenches to learn these skills, among others:

    • Pass protection

    • Run blocking

    • Man and zone blocking

    • Combination blocks

    • Blitz pickup

    • Recognition of defensive sets such as 4-3, 3-4, and stack

    • Strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities against any defensive set

    • Techniques and schemes for formations such as spread, option, and the run and shoot

    With XX of the most effective drills, skill evaluation, line play assessments, scheme suggestions, and unparalleled coaching advice from one of the best in the game, Complete Offensive Line is simply the definitive book on football’s most demanding position.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 Characteristics of Offensive Linemen

    Chapter 2 Stances

    Chapter 3 Drive Blocks

    Chapter 4 Reach Blocks

    Chapter 5 Cutoff Blocks

    Chapter 6 Down Blocks

    Chapter 7 Combination Blocks

    Chapter 8 Stretch Plays

    Chapter 9 Inside Zone

    Chapter 10 Option

    Chapter 11 Pass Protection

    Chapter 12 Pass Progression and Drills

    Chapter 13 Conditioning and Core Work

    About the Author

    Rick Trickett was hired as the offensive line and assistant head coach at Florida State University in 2008. He is regarded by most as the guru of developing offensive linemen. No other current or past offensive line coach has trained more players who have gone on to win all-conference and All-American honors.

    Coaching Stops:

    1973 Glenville (linebackers coach)

    1974-75 Indiana, PA (linebackers coach)

    1976-77 West Virginia (defensive line coach)

    1978-79 West Virginia (offensive line coach)

    1980-81 Southern Illinois (offensive line coach)

    1982-85 Southern Mississippi (offensive line coach)

    1985 New Mexico (offensive line coach)

    1986-88 Memphis (offensive line coach)

    1989-92 Mississippi State (offensive line coach)

    1993-98 Auburn (offensive line coach)

    1999 Glenville State (head coach)

    2000 LSU (assistant head coach and offensive line coach)

    2001-06 West Virginia (assistant head coach and offensive line coach)


    • Four players drafted in the first round in a six-year span at Auburn

    Victor Riley (Chiefs No. 1 Draft Choice in 1998)

    Willie Anderson (Bengals No. 1 Draft Choice in 1996)

    Wayne Gandy (Rams No. 1 Draft Choice in 1994)

    Kendall Simmons (Steelers No. 1 Draft Choice in 2001)

    • More than 20 former players in the NFL

    • Six All-American offensive linemen in his career

    • 30 players with all-conference honors

    • 13 players named either first or second team freshmen All-Americans


    “Coach Trickett helped me hone my skills as a player and is one of the greatest collegiate offensive line coaches in the history of the game. The skills and techniques he taught me in my collegiate career I carried through to my NFL career to become an all-pro offensive lineman.”

    Willie Anderson-- Four-Time Pro Bowl Selection (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006), Five-Time All-Pro Selection (2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006)

    "Complete Offensive Line is proof that Coach Trickett is one of football's best offensive line coaches. After playing eight years in the NFL—and winning two Super Bowl rings—I can honestly say that Rick Trickett made me a stronger player."Kendall Simmons-- Super Bowl Champion (XL, XLIII), Two-Time First-Team All-SEC (2000-2001), Third-Team AP All-American (2000)