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Creative Physical Activities & Equipment

Creative Physical Activities & Equipment


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    Veteran physical educator Bev Davison knows how to get the biggest bang for her buck. In Creative Physical Activities and Equipment, she shares her secrets of how to expand a physical education or recreation program without exceeding the budget.

    Davison's practical, ready-to-use strategies help you make the most of your budget, no matter how big or small. But the ideas in this book aren't just easy on the wallet; more equipment means less down time and more opportunities for children to participate and learn.

    First, you'll discover how to make equipment using inexpensive, readily available materials and even trash! Need some pinnies? Grab a pair of scissors and some old towels and start creating! Are old dryer sheets accumulating in the laundry room? Turn them into juggling scarves! All of the equipment is easy to assemble-no mechanical skill is needed. In addition, the book describes dozens of unique games and activities that use this equipment to teach important skills.

    Next, the book explains how to use traditional equipment-such as Frisbees and jump ropes-in nontraditional ways and how to extend the life of old or broken equipment, including flat tennis balls and broken badminton racquets. You'll also learn the art of obtaining free equipment. The book provides information on equipment that's free for the asking, items that can be obtained by collecting proofs of purchase, and general budget-stretching ideas.

    Finally, since some equipment can be quite expensive, fundraising is an occasional necessity. Proving that fundraising does not have to be time-consuming and painful, the book presents ideas for 15 refreshingly creative fundraisers that are easy to organize and execute. Many of them don't require solicitation by students, which means greater parental support and participation.

    A resource no physical education or recreation program should be without, Creative Physical Activities and Equipment can pay for itself after just one use!


    Reference for elementary and middle school physical education specialists and classroom teachers; physical education supervisors, directors, and administrators; recreation directors; athletic directors; YMCA directors; club sport leaders; and church group leaders.

    Table of Contents


    Chapter 1. Making Equipment
    Bean Bag Targets • Plastic Bottle Equipment • Streamers • Hockey Pucks, Sticks, and Goals • Pinnies • Football T-Stands • Bases • Whistle Holder • Time-Out Timer

    Chapter 2. From Trash to Treasure
    Old Panty Hose • Old Socks • Old Newspapers • Old Soda Bottles • Packing Peanuts • Old Coffee Cans • Old Dryer Sheets • M & M Minis Plastic Tube Containers • Empty Adding Machine Paper Rolls • Garden Hose • Empty Paper Towel Rolls • Cardboard Boxes • Plastic Trash Bags

    Chapter 3. Same Old Stuff
    Frisbees • Rubber Gloves • Jump Ropes • Stilts • Parachute • Folding Mats

    Chapter 4. Don't Throw It Out Just Because It's Broken!
    Beaded Jump Ropes • Popped Balls • Broken Badminton Racquets • Sound Paddles and Beach Balls • Broken Hula Hoops • Old Pinnies or Jerseys • Stick-a-Ball Paddles • Flat Tennis Balls • Old Racquetballs • Old Miscellaneous Equipment and Balls

    Chapter 5. Acquiring Free Equipment
    Section 1. Absolutely Free Equipment
    Carpet Squares • Stuffed Animals • Balloons • Bowling Pins • Golf Tubes • Toilet Paper • Jar Openers • Plastic Buckets • Paper Plates • Feed Bags • Old Tires • Old Brooms • Plastic Drinking Straws • Old Bicycle Tires • Popcorn Buckets

    Section 2. Equipment to Acquire by Collecting Proofs of Purchase
    Campbell's Labels for Education • Power of Purchasing Program • Boxtops for Education • Little Debbie Points to Education Program • Kids in Gear Program by Fuji • Other Programs That May Be Available

    Section 3. General Budget Stretchers

    Chapter 6. Fundraising
    Section 1. Painless Fundraisers
    Recycling • Restaurant Nights • Grocery Vouchers • Consignment Clothing • Vending Machines • No-Work Car Wash • Test Drive

    Section 2. Fundraisers That Are a Little Painful
    Show in the Gym • Valentine Serenade • Dog Wash • Teacher of the Year: Students' Choice • Birthday Cupcakes • School Dance • Grants • Powderpuff Football

    Index of Games
    About the Author

    About the Author

    Bev Davison is a veteran physical educator, having taught for ten years at the elementary and secondary levels. During those years she mastered the skill of creating a quality physical education program on a shoestring budget. She has shared her knowledge on this subject with fellow physical educators far and wide-from the Georgia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (GAHPERD) state convention to a naval base in Cuba.

    One of Davison's most significant career accomplishments was being named the 1995-96 Teacher of the Year by fellow teachers at her school for implementing the ideas in this book. Davison's contributions to her school's physical education program also led to a 1996 School of Excellence in Physical Education Honorable Mention Award from GAHPERD.

    Davison is a member of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance and GAHPERD. She earned her master's degree in physical education from Eastern Kentucky University. In her free time she enjoys biking, fishing, and water sports. She and her husband, Ray, live in St. Mary's, Georgia, with their three children.