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Cutting Edge Cricket PDF

Cutting Edge Cricket PDF


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    Cutting Edge Cricket has brought together unrivalled advice on playing and coaching cricket from 38 of Australia’s most legendary players and coaches. Covering every aspect of cricket play you will learn and appreciate how the greatest players in Australia’s cricket history reached the pinnacle of their game. From reading Cutting Edge Cricket you will be able to provide ways and means of enhancing your team’s daily training and match play. Cutting Edge Cricket not only contains the best drills for batting, bowling, fielding and wicketkeeping. Inside you will also find best practice strategies for captains and coaches to follow in leading and managing a team to success. The illustrious list of contributors includes the following:
    • Australian Captains - Greg Chappell, Mark Taylor, Belinda Clark and Bob Simpson
    • National Coaches – John Buchanan, Tim Nielsen and Tom Moody (Sri Lanka)
    • Players - Justin Langer (batsman), Merv Hughes (fast bowler), Ashley Mallett (spin bowler) and Ian Healy (wicketkeeper)
    • Sport Scientists – Professors Bruce Abernethy and Bruce Elliott
    Each time you open this book you’ll learn something new and useful for your next practice or match. Soak up the stories and benefit from the wisdom of the great players and coaches from this most successful cricket nation.

    Table of Contents

    Part I Player Preparation
    Chapter 1. Physical Preparation
    Chapter 2. Mental Preparation

    Part II Game Skill Development
    Chapter 3. Batting
    Chapter 4. Bowling
    Chapter 5. Fielding
    Chapter 6. Wicketkeeping
    Chapter 7. Skill Practice Principles and Formats

    Part III The Practice and Playing Environment
    Chapter 8. Team Leadership and Management
    Chapter 9. Team Culture
    Chapter 10. Science and Technology
    Chapter 11. Cricket in the Future