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Daniels' Running Formula-3rd Edition

Daniels' Running Formula-3rd Edition


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    Get in the best shape of your running career with the help of Daniels’ Running Formula, the book that Runner’s World magazine calls the best training book. Premier running coach Jack Daniels provides you with his legendary VDOT formula to guide you through training at exactly the right intensity to run stronger, longer, and faster.

    Choose a program to get in shape, target a race program, or regain conditioning after layoff or injury. Train for competition with programs for 800 meters, 1500 meters to 2 miles, cross country races, 5K to 10K, 15K to 30K, and marathon events. Each program incorporates training intensities to help you build endurance, strength, and speed. With Daniels’ Running Formula, you’ll track the time you spend at each level, train more efficiently, and optimize results.

    Completely updated with new chapters on altitude training, seasonal programming, and treadmill training, Daniels’ Running Formula, Third Edition, is the most comprehensive, accessible, and instantly applicable edition to date. Customizable to your current fitness level, competition goals, and schedule, the formula is the ideal solution for any race, anywhere, anytime.

    Whether training or competing, get the results you’re seeking every time you lace up with the workouts and programs detailed in Daniels’ Running Formula.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Ingredients of Running Success
    Chapter 2: Running Physiology and Breathing Rate
    Chapter 3: Aerobic Training and Running Profiles
    Chapter 4: VDOT Values
    Chapter 5: Run Training Intensities
    Chapter 6: Altitude Training
    Chapter 7: Season Training Plan
    Chapter 8: Running for Fitness
    Chapter 9: Training to Race
    Chapter 10: 800-Meter Training
    Chapter 11: 1,500-Meter to Two-Mile Training
    Chapter 12: 5K to 10K Training
    Chapter 13: Cross Country Training
    Chapter 14: 15K to 30K Training
    Chapter 15: Marathon Training
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