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Essentials of Sea Survival eBook

Essentials of Sea Survival eBook


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    Essentials of Sea Survival contains original scientific research and investigations from two internationally recognized experts on cold-water survival. In addition to having practical personal experience with cold water immersion, Frank Golden and Michael Tipton regularly lecture at various international conferences about water survival, and they are frequently called on for expert commentary on television and radio.

    The majority of books on this subject are personal survival accounts; few relate to scientific studies. This book is different: Using reader-friendly language, two leading environmental physiologists present the facts and dispel the myths of surviving a sea accident. The book, thanks to the real-life stories and easy-to-read format, will appeal primarily to the layperson who works or plays on or near the water. The text will also be of interest to an academic audience, who will appreciate the original research and up-to-date physiological and medical information

    Essentials of Sea Survival is a compelling, informative, and comprehensive guide to open-water survival. Drawing from classic maritime disasters and personal accounts of near-miraculous survival, as well as carefully controlled laboratory experiments, it offers practical advice for avoiding as well as surviving a cold-water accident. It’s an important reference for anyone associated with open-air aquatic activities, such as members of the Coast Guard, Navy, and Marines; offshore oil rig employees; fishermen; divers; amateur and professional sailors; water safety instructors and life guards; water rescue personnel; boaters; water skiers; outdoor survival course instructors; and other recreational water sports enthusiasts.

    Table of Contents


    Chapter 1 Introduction: A Catalogue of Disaster
    Chapter 2 The Problems the Body Faces in a Survival
    Chapter 3 Behavioural Thermoregulation
    Chapter 4 Initial and Short-term Immersion
    Chapter 5 Drowning and Near-drowning
    Chapter 6 Hypothermia
    Chapter 7 Survival Time in Cold Water
    Chapter 8 Necessities for Sustained Survival: Water and Food
    Chapter 9 Castaways: Survival in an Open Boat or Lifecraft
    Chapter 10 Illnesses, Injuries and Psychological Trauma
    Chapter 11 Search and Rescue and Treatment of Casualties

    Glossary of Terms
    About the Authors