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Ethics in Sport-2nd Edition

Ethics in Sport-2nd Edition


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    The latest edition of Ethics in Sport doesn’t rest on its laurels as the finest and most comprehensive collection of literature to date on moral and ethical issues confronting sport in contemporary society. The diverse anthology of essays written by world-renowned scholars has been updated to reflect the very latest issues of significance in the sporting world and contains many valuable changes.

    A primer on ethics has been added at the beginning of the text, making this book even more accessible to readers with no background in ethical studies or philosophy. In addition, while some classic essays were retained from the first edition, more than half of the essays are new to the second edition.

    Ethics in Sport, Second Edition, also includes three previously unpublished essays to provide readers with new perspectives on current themes and how they compare and contrast with already published views. In addition, the text features expanded sections on fair play and social ethics. A completely revamped section on drug use and genetic technology brings readers up to date on ethical questions in these controversial and rapidly changing areas. These new features make this text the ideal choice for sport management and sport studies courses.

    Ethics in Sport, Second Edition, is composed of five parts. Part I, Metaethical Considerations of Sport, prepares students for the terminology ahead, defines how sport is to be understood in the text’s ethical analyses, and explains the importance of this field in a sporting context. Part II, Competition and Fair Play: Considerations of Winning, Cheating, and Gamesmanship, is a survey and analysis of the timeless debate on good sportsmanship and cheating. It examines the issues of fair play, winning and athletic superiority, revising athletic tests and contests, success and failure in competitive athletics, cheating, intentional rule violations, and strategic fouling. Part III, The Limits of Being Human: Doping and Genetic Enhancement in Sport, considers the moral permissibility of using performance-enhancing drugs in sport and the controversial topic of genetic modification. Part IV, Gender and Sexual Equality in Sport, addresses the thorny issue of what constitutes sexual equality in sport and how best to achieve it. It examines gender roles perpetuated by sport that are harmful to women both inside and outside the athletic arena. Finally, part V, Select Issues in the Social Ethics of Sport: Violence, Exploitation, Race, Spectatorship, and Disability, delves into some of the major social criticisms of sport, including violence in sport, sport heroism, and disability rights in sports and education.

    Whether used as a textbook or as a professional reference, Ethics in Sport, Second Edition, is an essential resource of up-to-date readings addressing the rapidly developing ethical issues at the forefront of the sporting landscape.


    A text for students taking sport philosophy, sport ethics, sport management, and sport studies courses. A reference for sport philosophers and professionals interested in sport ethics.

    Table of Contents

    Part I. Metaethical Considerations of Sport

    Chapter 1. The Nature of Sport
    Chapter 2. Games and the Good
    Chapter 3. Internalism and Internal Values in Sport
    Chapter 4. Broad Internalism and the Moral Foundations of Sport
    Chapter 5. The View From Nowhere
    Chapter 6. Why the “View From Nowhere” Gets Us Nowhere in our Moral Considerations of Sport

    I. Competition and Fair Play: Considerations of Winning, Cheating, and Gamesmanship

    Chapter 7. The Meaning of Sport: Competition As a Form of Language
    Chapter 8. Fair Play As Respect for the Game
    Chapter 9. Sportsmanship As a Moral Category
    Chapter 10. Sportsmanship
    Chapter 11. On Winning and Athletic Superiority
    Chapter 12. In Defense of Competition and Winning: Revisiting Athletic Tests and Contests
    Chapter 13. Some Reflections on Success and Failure in Competitive Athletics
    Chapter 14. Cheating and Fair Play in Sport
    Chapter 15. Intentional Rule Violations—One More Time
    Chapter 16. The Ethics of Strategic Fouling: A Reply to Fraleigh

    Part III. The Limits of Being Human: Doping and Genetic Enhancement in Sport

    Chapter 17. Listening to Steroids
    Chapter 18. Good Competitioin and Drug-Enhanced Performance
    Chapter 19. Paternalism, Drugs, and the Nature of Sports
    Chapter 20. Sports and Drugs: Are the Current Bans Justified?
    Chapter 21. Selected Champions: Making Winners in the Age of Genetic Technology
    Chapter 22. After Doping, What? The Morality of the Genetic Engineering of Athletes

    Part IV. Gender and Sexual Equality in Sport

    Chapter 23. Sex Equality in Sport
    Chapter 24. Women, Sex, and Sports
    Chapter 25. Title IX: Equality for Women’s Sports?
    Chapter 26. Being and Playing: Sport and the Valorization of Gender
    Chapter 27. Against Sexual Discrimination in Sports

    Part V. Select Issues in the Social Ethics of Sport: Violence, Exploitation, Race, Spectatorship, and Disability

    Chapter 28. The Exploitation of the Student Athlete
    Chapter 29. Violence in Sport
    Chapter 30. Boxing, Paternalism, and Legal Moralism
    Chapter 31. Darwin’s Athletes: A Review Essay
    Chapter 32. Sports, Political Philosophy, and the African American
    Chapter 33. Is Our Admiration for Sports Heroes Fascistoid?
    Chapter 34. The Ethics of Supporting Sports Teams
    Chapter 35. Convention and Competence: Disability Rights in Sports and Education

    About the Author

    William J. Morgan, PhD, is a professor of sport humanities and interim director of the Center for Sport and Citizenship at Ohio State University in Columbus. He has served as editor and has published extensively in the Journal of the Philosophy of Sport. Currently he serves on its editorial review board. He has presented numerous papers on the topic of ethics in sport throughout the world and has written and edited several books on the topic: Why Sports Morally Matter; Philosophic Inquiry in Sport; Leftist Theories of Sport: A Critique and Reconstruction; Sport and the Humanities: A Collection of Original Essays; and Sport and the Body: A Philosophical Symposium.

    Dr. Morgan is former president of the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport. In 1995, he received the association's Distinguished Scholar Award. In the same year, he was elected an active fellow of the American Academy of Kinesiology and Physical Education.


    “Ethics in Sport will remain as perhaps the most comprehensive and valuable reference source for some of the best work on a wide selection of moral issues in sport for quite some time.”
    -Journal of the Philosophy of Sport

    “In sum, there is little question that Morgan has done a masterful job of bringing together a fine collection of articles in the philosophy of sport.”
    -Journal of the Philosophy of Sport

    “The second edition of Ethics in Sport is an extremely well constructed collection that is a “must have” for first-time users, and at the same time it should not at all disappoint those long familiar with the first edition.”
    -Journal of the Philosophy of Sport