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Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology Web Study Guide-7th Edition

Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology Web Study Guide-7th Edition


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    Study Guide

    To assist students using the text, the seventh edition of Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology has a companion web study guide that serves as an important learning tool to support the educational journey.

    With more than 100 engaging activities, it allows students to apply the concepts from the text by completing activities for each chapter:
    • Use actual sport and exercise psychology instruments to assess their skills
    • Determine how to respond to real-life scenarios (with short answers or essays)
    • Review and design research studies and experiments
    • Search the Internet for relevant information
    • Apply and test their understanding of principles and concepts of sport and exercise psychology
    Many of the study guide activities offer compelling audio and video clips that reveal how sport psychology consultants communicate with athletes and coaches to improve athletic experiences. More than 20 clips feature esteemed experts from the field discussing concepts that they have studied and refined during their professional careers.

    To further emphasize practical application, the portfolio activities can be integrated throughout a full semester, turning course units into a unified whole that builds upon itself for greater understanding of the field.

    The web study guide is packaged with a new print book or ebook, or it may be purchased separately on this site.