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Full-Body Flexibility-2nd Edition

Full-Body Flexibility-2nd Edition


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    Improve flexibility, balance, and strength in three steps! Only the Full-Body Flexibility system blends the best stretching methods from yoga, Pilates, martial arts, and sports training into stretching sequences for your every need.

    In this updated edition, you’ll find 175 stretches and 23 routines that will help you take these steps:
    • Strengthen muscles to support your body and maximize your entire range of motion.

    • Enhance flexibility by challenging your muscles with multiple techniques.

    • Balance muscles in opposing muscle groups on both sides of your body.
    Use the book's step-by-step instruction and detailed full-color photo sequences to enhance your body’s natural movement, reduce muscular tension, strengthen joints, improve posture, and take your athletic performance to new heights.

    Whether you’re seeking to improve overall fitness or simply searching for a more effective way to stretch, Full-Body Flexibility is your guide for staying active, healthy, pain free, and injury free.

    Table of Contents

    Part I Total-Body Stretch System
    Chapter 1: Stretching Basics
    Chapter 2: Three-Step Stretch System

    Part II Regions of Flexibility
    Chapter 3: Neck, Shoulders, Arms, and Hands
    Chapter 4: Chest, Back, and Abdominals
    Chapter 5: Glutes, Hips, and Inner Thighs
    Chapter 6: Quadriceps and Hamstrings
    Chapter 7: Calves, Shins, and Feet
    Chapter 8: Multiregion Stretches
    Chapter 9: Sport Mobility Stretches

    Part III Fitness and Sport Routines
    Chapter 10: General Stretch Routines
    Chapter 11: Sport Stretch Routines
    Chapter 12: Specialty Stretch Routines

    About the Author

    Jay Blahnik is recognized as one of the premier fitness professionals in the industry and has over 25 years of teaching and training experience. As a fitness educator and keynote speaker, he has traveled to over 30 countries and is known for his insightful viewpoints on engaging and motivating consumers.

    Jay was chosen by Shape magazine as one of the top fitness instructors in the world, and Men’s Health listed him as having one of the top 10 workouts of all time. He is the youngest person ever to receive both the IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year Award and IDEA’s Fitness Industry Icons and Innovators title. He was also chosen as Can-Fit-Pro’s International Presenter of the Year in 2005.

    He has starred in over 30 award-winning exercise videos and has designed, created, and choreographed some of the best-selling exercise videos of all time for other fitness professionals and celebrities.

    Jay has been featured as a fitness expert in over 200 magazines across the globe, and his weekly and monthly fitness columns in the Los Angeles Times and on are read by millions of people each year. He has served as an editorial advisory board member for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and is the group exercise spokesperson for IDEA Health and Fitness Association.

    Jay is a consultant and program developer for Nike, Nautilus, Bowflex, Schwinn, Stairmaster, BOSU, and Indo-Row. He resides in Laguna Beach, California.


    Full-Body Flexibility is flawless and on the mark. Jay’s methodology is simple and offers an exercise instruction formula that is seamless, exciting, fun, and useful to both fitness professionals and consumers!”

    Douglas S. Brooks, MS -- Author of Your Personal Trainer, BOSU Programming and Master Trainer Team Director, RealRyder Director of Programming and Education

    “As a true visionary, Jay Blahnik brings stretching into the 21st century. His book Full-Body Flexibility takes a holistic approach to training that is both scientifically sound and easy to apply.”

    Keli Roberts -- IDEA International Instructor of the Year

    "This is a smart, straightforward approach to stretching for flexibility, strength, and injury prevention.”

    Lindsey Emery -- Fitness Magazine Fitness Editor