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Fun and Games

Fun and Games


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    With more than 20 years of coaching and teaching experience, UK authors Anthony Dowson and Keith Morris have realized that children's encounters with sporting activities need to be creative, entertaining and fun. Children can be encouraged to engage in physical activity through fun games that stimulate both body and mind. Fun games keep children healthy and active now as well as contribute to a more positive attitude towards physical activity for life.

    In response to numerous requests from teachers and coaches, the authors have developed and adapted an array of activities and games from their own everyday use when teaching children. The book contains a range of warm-up ideas, games, skill practices and sport-specific activities to motivate children and encourage active participation. The games use only common sport equipment and are supported by easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations. Useful in both planning and providing physical education lessons and recreational experiences, this book makes it easy to create a varied and exciting program.

    The text includes more than 30 multi-sport games suitable for children of ages 5 to 16. There are sport-specific games for cricket, striking and fielding, rugby, soccer, tennis, badminton and hockey, as well as parachute games. All activities are designed to improve children's skills in specific sports through the use of enjoyable games to promote learning. Each game offers multiple variations designed to suit a wide range of ages and abilities.

    With childhood obesity becoming increasingly common, children's physical activity is becoming more important. Healthy, active young people now mean a future generation of adults less affected by the health problems associated with obesity and inactive lifestyles.

    Anyone who has the responsibility of organizing activities for young people will find the ideas in Fun and Games invaluable. Through the practical games in this book, children will develop new skills as they participate in fun and enjoyable activities.


    Resource for elementary, middle, and secondary school physical education teachers and recreation leaders.

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    Chapter 1 Multi-Sport Games
    Chapter 2 Basketball and Netball Games
    Chapter 3 Cricket, Striking and Fielding Games
    Chapter 4 Hockey Games
    Chapter 5 Parachute Games
    Chapter 6 Rugby Games
    Chapter 7 Soccer Games
    Chapter 8 Tennis and Badminton Games

    About the Authors

    About the Author

    Anthony Dowson has over 12 years' coaching experience and was previously Head of A-level Physical Education at Ryton Comprehensive School and Loughborough College. He is a qualified coach educator and has assessed a number of coaches in England who have travelled to the States to work for Major League Soccer Camps.

    Keith Morris is the owner of Grass Roots, a successful coaching company and the largest of its kind in northeast England. Grass Roots organises coaching and activity weeks for children, promoting participation in sport and helping to foster healthy lifestyles. Each year the company delivers courses to more than 10,000 children. Keith has a background in education and previously worked as the Head of PE at Corbridge Middle School.