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Health Fitness Management 2nd Edition eBook

Health Fitness Management 2nd Edition eBook


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    Health Fitness Management, Second Edition, provides an in-depth picture of the varied and rewarding role of the health and fitness club manager. With contributions from leading experts in the fitness industry, several new chapters, a more practical emphasis, enhanced features, and the addition of instructor resources, this second edition is the most authoritative and field-tested guide to management success.

    Whether soothing disgruntled members, ensuring club safety and profitability, or motivating staff to perform at their best, health and fitness club managers require the right mix of skills and flexibility to support the success and continued growth of their clubs. Both aspiring and practicing club managers can rely on Health Fitness Management to help them acquire and improve their management skills across all areas:
    • Human resources: Understand the importance of organizational development and the payoffs of thoughtful staff recruitment, training, development, retention, and compensation.
    • Sales and marketing: Discover new ways to attract and retain members and increase profitability with the right mix of products and services.
    • Financial management: Learn how to read financial statements and understand and control the risks associated with running a fitness club.
    • Facility maintenance: Implement systems to ensure the upkeep and safety of the facility and its equipment.
    • Program evaluation: Determine the “fitness level” of the club and its programs, capitalize on strengths, and find solutions to improve weak areas.
    • Industry perspective: Understand the history of health and fitness management, its present status, and future trends.
    Health Fitness Management, Second Edition, has been fully updated and organized for maximum retention and easy reference. Each chapter begins with "Tales From the Trenches," a real-life example that clearly illustrates the chapter’s theoretical focus. Special “The Bottom Line” segments sum up the key points of the chapters in an applied context so readers can see exactly how the information is applied on the job. Learning objectives, key terms, and a list of references and recommended reading round out each chapter to make the material even more comprehensive to students, and a new instructor guide and test package make the text ideal for instructors teaching a course. Practitioners will find the added bonus of many time-saving reproducible forms, including a sample membership agreement, an equipment maintenance form, and a guest registration and exercise waiver.

    Written by industry experts with more than 300 combined years of experience, Health Fitness Management, Second Edition, is the fundamental resource for the management and operation of health and fitness facilities and programs. Enhanced with practical scenarios and applied knowledge, it provides a solid foundation for students preparing for a management career in the health and fitness industry and serves as an essential reference for professionals already enjoying the challenges and opportunities of club management.

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    Table of Contents

    Introduction. An Overview of the Health and Fitness Industry
    Mike Bates

    Part I. Human Resources

    Chapter 1. Recognizing the Importance of Leaders and Managers
    Jane Riddell
    Chapter 2. Understanding Organizational Design
    Scott Lewandowski
    Chapter 3. Recruiting the Best Staff for Your Facility
    Kevin Hood
    Chapter 4. Training and Developing Staff
    Brenda Abdilla
    Chapter 5. Managing Staff Performance
    Bud Rockhill
    Chapter 6. Developing a Compensation Program
    Mike Bates

    Part II. Member Recruitment, Retention, and Profitability

    Chapter 7. Marketing Your Facility
    Casey Conrad
    Chapter 8. Increasing Sales
    Karen Woodard
    Chapter 9. Focusing on Customer Service
    Terry Eckman
    Chapter 10. Retaining Members Through Program Management
    Sandy Coffman
    Chapter 11. Generating Revenue Through Profit Centers
    Cheryl Jones

    Part III. Operations and Facility Management

    Chapter 12. Understanding Financial Management
    Mike Bates
    Chapter 13. Addressing Health and Safety Issues
    Mike Greenwood and Anthony Abbott
    Chapter 14. Maintaining Your Facility
    Anthony Abbott and Mike Greenwood
    Chapter 15. Choosing the Right Equipment
    Mike Bates
    Chapter 16. Understanding Legal and Insurance Issues
    John Wolohan
    Chapter 17. Evaluating Your Operation
    Dave Hardy

    Conclusion. Looking Toward the Future