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High-Powered Plyometrics-2nd Edition

High-Powered Plyometrics-2nd Edition


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    Improve strength, power, speed, and more! No matter what sport you play or level you compete, High-Powered Plyometrics will take your performance to the next level.

    High-Powered Plyometrics is a systematic guide to explosive power training for athletes, coaches, and strength and conditioning experts. Exploring the principles of high-intensity plyometric training, power assessments, and development of long- and short-term conditioning programs, this hands-on guide covers it all.

    You’ll find detailed photo sequences, step-by-step instruction, and intensity guidelines to ensure correct technique for 79 exercises that increase power in the core and upper and lower body. Incorporate exercises into an existing program, or personalize one of the ready-to-use programs for 21 sports, including football, basketball, track and field, volleyball, and wrestling. You’ll also learn to track progress and adjust your programming to maintain your results.

    The most dynamic and complex exercises found in the book are housed in an all-new online video library. Via streaming video, you have exclusive access to demonstrations of dozens of exercises and drills to ensure you perform them with proper technique.

    Go beyond basic conditioning and develop the explosive power that will give you an edge on the competition.

    Table of Contents

    Drill Finder
    Part I Plyometric Training
    Chapter 1 Power Prerequisite for High-Level Performance
    Get results using plyometrics
    Apply athletic principles to plyometric training
    Evaluate based on the various types of strength
    Use the stretch–shortening concept

    Chapter 2 Athletic Power Activation Process
    Activate power to create a successful training session
    Warm up to properly prepare for work
    Cool down to relax and recover
    Chapter 3 Power Training Methods and Equipment
    Maintain form and execution by following basic guidelines
    Breathe to assist exercise execution
    Train progressively to maximize skill
    Use rest periods advantageously
    Optimize training through the environment
    Chapter 4 Power Assessments
    Assessing Ability
    Creating an Effective Program
    Consistent Execution Evaluation
    Part II Plyometric Drills
    Chapter 5 Upper-Body Power Development
    Chapter 6 Core Power Development
    Chapter 7 Lower-Body Power Development
    Part III Plyometric Programming
    Chapter 8 Complex Training
    Learn how complex training works
    Integrate complex training into the yearly plan
    Chapter 9 Sport-Specific Training
    Baseball, Softball, and Cricket
    Field Hockey
    Basketball and Netball
    Tennis, Racquetball, Squash, and Handball
    Track and Field
    Olympic Weight Lifting
    Aussie Football
    Chapter 10 Season-Long Power Maintenance
    Develop a year-round training program
    Individualize the training program
    Review the functions of training and rehabilitation
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