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Inclusive Physical Activity-2nd Edition

Inclusive Physical Activity-2nd Edition


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    The second edition of Inclusive Physical Activity is an excellent resource for physical activity practitioners or students preparing to work with diverse populations in schools, fitness facilities, community recreation sites, and sport programs. This text shows how to provide optimal programming for all individuals—regardless of capability—so they can be healthy and active throughout the life span. Inclusive Physical Activity, Second Edition, can help you
    • provide well-designed and appropriate physical activity for individuals of all abilities,
    • increase opportunities for meaningful participation in lifelong physical activity, and
    • facilitate physical activity to increase health and and wellness for individuals with disabilities.
    The book covers programming considerations and strategies for infants and toddlers, school-age children, and adults; examples of inclusive practices for commonly offered physical activities; and suggestions for more effectively individualizing programming. Inclusive Physical Activity also provides information on adapting instruction and providing activity alternatives across the life span in five content areas:
    1. Movement skills
    2. Games and sports
    3. Health-related fitness
    4. Outdoor pursuits
    5. Aquatics
    Inclusive Physical Activity outlines a systematic approach to planning and implementing appropriate programs for individuals of varying abilities. Using the unique Functional Approach to Modifying Movement Experiences (FAMME) model, practitioners can learn—step by step—how to connect modifications directly to participants’ capability differences to provide optimal challenge and success.

    Updated and expanded, the second edition offers three new chapters plus special learning features:
    • Including All Individuals chapter-opening scenarios
    • Think Back questions that encourage readers to apply chapter content to each scenario
    • What Do You Think? questions and What Would You Do? case examples that promote reflective thinking and problem solving
    Instructors who adopt the text get online access to an instructor guide, test package, and presentation package. New to the second edition, the presentation package offers approximately 150 slides highlighting the most important concepts from the book plus essential figures, tables, and photos.

    With Inclusive Physical Activity, both students and professionals will find the knowledge and support to make meaningful and inclusive physical activity a reality and promote better health for everyone.

    Table of Contents


    Part I. Foundations for Inclusive Physical Activity
    Chapter 1. Health, Physical Activity, and Individuals With Ability Differences
    Chapter 2. An Inclusive Physical Activity Approach
    Chapter 3. Overcoming Barriers to Inclusive Physical Activity

    Part II. Inclusive Physical Activity Program Planning and Implementation
    Chapter 4. Teaming and Collaboration
    Chapter 5. Program Focus and Assessment
    Chapter 6. Preparing and Planning Inclusive Physical Activity Programs
    Chapter 7. A Functional Approach to Modifying Movement Experiences

    Part III. Application of Inclusive Practices
    Chapter 8. Movement Skills and Concepts
    Chapter 9. Play, Games, and Sport
    Chapter 10. Health-Related Fitness and Conditioning
    Chapter 11. Aquatics
    Chapter 12. Adventure and Outdoor Programming

    Appendix A Person-Related Factors Influencing Capability
    Appendix B Eligibility Criteria for Infants and Toddlers
    Appendix C Resources
    Appendix D Tests and Assessment Tools Currently Available
    Appendix E Sample Medical History and Referral Form
    About the Authors


    All ancillary materials for this text are FREE to course adopters and available online at www.HumanKinetics.com/InclusivePhysicalActivity.

    Instructor guide. Includes chapter overviews, a sample syllabus, and class activities.

    Test package. Includes over 150 test questions of multiple choice, true-and-false, and matching questions that you can use to create your own tests and quizzes.

    Presentation package. Includes a comprehensive series of PowerPoint slides for each chapter.