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Introduction to Adapted Aquatics Instruction Course

Introduction to Adapted Aquatics Instruction Course


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    Online Course

    Introduction to Adapted Aquatics Instruction acquaints you with the field of adapted aquatics by providing background knowledge and practical strategies for working with people who have disabilities. During this three-hour course you will
    • learn about the role of the adapted aquatics instructor and scope of adapted aquatics;
    • explore the physical properties of water and how disability attributes may affect a person’s body position and propulsion in water;
    • understand federal law as it relates to people with disabilities and their participation in aquatics programs;
    • discover how to create a safe environment, including learning about techniques for pool entry and exit and physical support for swimmers with disabilities;
    • discuss strategies for effective communication with swimmers who have disabilities and their family members and significant others; and
    • investigate strategies for inclusion in aquatics that will enhance the learning environment and meet the unique needs of people with disabilities.
    This course also provides you with a basic understanding of six major disabilities of childhood: attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autistic spectrum disorders, blindness and low vision, cerebral palsy, intellectual impairment, and spina bifida. Not only will you understand the definition, characteristics, and secondary conditions associated with each disability, but you will also learn the implications for participation, learning, safety, swim skill development, and contraindications.

    Introduction to Adapted Aquatics Instruction provides an overview of the field and motivates people to learn more about this challenging and rewarding field.

    The Adapted Aquatics Instructor Certificate Program formally offered through AAPAR has been discontinued. Please note that by purchasing this course, you will not be able to earn an Adapted Aquatics Certificate. SHAPE America understands the importance of Adapted Aquatics educational materials for swim instructors, swim instructor trainers, physical therapists, and anyone working with individuals with disabilities. Therefore, the Adapted Aquatics Instruction Course will still be sold for educational purposes.


    An online course for swim instructors, swim instructor trainers, aquatics directors, adapted physical education teachers, therapeutic recreation specialists, physical therapists, and anyone who wants to advocate for or teach aquatics to people with disabilities.

    Table of Contents

    Unit 1. Overview of Adapted Aquatics
    Unit 2. How Disability Affects Movement in Water
    Unit 3. Communication With Swimmers and Their Significant Others
    Unit 4. Physical Support and Safety of Swimmers With Disabilities
    Unit 5. Inclusive and Alternative Environments in Aquatics
    Unit 6. Unique Attributes of Swimmers With Disabilities