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Laura Stamm's Power Skating 4th Edition PDF

Laura Stamm's Power Skating 4th Edition PDF


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    Develop explosive acceleration, speed, and agility and dominate the ice! Laura Stamm’s Power Skating presents the skating system used by thousands of the sport’s top players and teams to move with maximum efficiency on the ice. From starts and stops to turns and transitions, Laura Stamm’s Power Skating covers all of the critical components of explosive skating. Through top-level instruction, practice drills, and coaching tips, you’ll learn these skills:
    • Increase on-ice acceleration.
    • Improve balance while changing directions on the ice.
    • Increase speed and agility to disrupt aggressive defensemen.
    • Explode from a stationary position and stop more rapidly.
    • Increase puck protection without sacrificing speed.
    • Use speed and agility to create more scoring chances for yourself and teammates.
    The great hockey players skate powerfully and are able to get in position to make the key plays. Laura Stamm’s Power Skating will give you that explosive edge on the competition.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Skates and Equipment for Superior Skating
    Chapter 2. Balance for Stability and Speed
    Chapter 3. Force Application for Explosive Speed
    Chapter 4. Forward Stride for a More Aggressive Attack
    Chapter 5. Backward Stride for Mobility on Defense
    Chapter 6. Crossovers for Acceleration on Curves
    Chapter 7. Explosive Starts for Gaining the Advantage
    Chapter 8. Stops for Halting on a Dime
    Chapter 9. Turns and Transition for Multidirectional Moves
    Chapter 10. Agility for Maximum Coverage of the Ice
    Chapter 11. Training and Conditioning for Faster, More Powerful Skating