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Lore of Running-4th Edition

Lore of Running-4th Edition


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    Lore of Running gives you incomparable detail on physiology, training, racing, injuries, world-class athletes, and races.

    Author Tim Noakes blends the expertise of a physician and research scientist with the passion of a dedicated runner to answer the most pressing questions for those who are serious about the sport:

    • How your body systems respond to training, the effects of different training methods, how to detect and avoid overtraining, and genetic versus trainable potential
    • How to train for the 10K up through ultramarathon with detailed programs from Noakes and several leading running experts
    • How to prevent and treat injuries, increase your strength and flexibility, and use proper nutrition for weight control and maximum performance

    You’ll also find a candid analysis of supplements and ergogenic effects and training aids. The book includes new interviews with 10 world-class runners who share their secrets to success and longevity in the sport. Features on legendary figures and events in running history provide fascinating insights.

    And that’s just scratching the surface. Lore of Running is not only the biggest and best running publication on the planet. It’s the one book every runner should own.

    Table of Contents


    Part I Physiology and Biochemistry of Running
    Chapter 1. Muscle Structure and Function
    Chapter 2. Oxygen Transport
    Chapter 3. Energy Systems
    Chapter 4. Temperature Regulation

    Part II Training Basics
    Chapter 5. Developing a Training Foundation
    Chapter 6. Learning From the Experts
    Chapter 7. Avoiding Overtraining
    Chapter 8. Training the Mind

    Part III Transferring Training to Racing
    Chapter 9. 10K to Half-Marathon
    Chapter 10. Marathon
    Chapter 11. Ultramarathon
    Chapter 12. Pushing the Limits of Performance

    Part IV Running Health
    Chapter 13. Ergogenic Aids
    Chapter 14. Staying Injury Free
    Chapter 15. Health Benefits

    About the Author