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Mastering Skateboarding eBook

Mastering Skateboarding eBook


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    Ever watched pro skaters and wished you knew how they were able to pull off the tricks that you see? If so, then Mastering Skateboarding is the resource for you!

    Two-time world champion skateboarder Per Welinder teams up with longtime skateboard advocate Peter Whitley to bring you the techniques and tricks used by the pros. But the information doesn’t stop there. Welinder and Whitley also provide in-depth coverage of skateboarding equipment, including how to select the components that work best for you and how to build and tune a board that fits your individual riding style. Packed with tricks, this full-color guide is the only resource you’ll ever need to pull off the moves you’ve dreamed of performing.

    Whether you ride street or vert, competitive or recreational, Mastering Skateboarding has you covered. Add this one-of-a-kind resource to your collection and you’ll soon be ready to put your new skills on display!

    Table of Contents


    Chapter 1: Equipment and Safety
    Chapter 2: Building and Maintaining a Board
    Chapter 3: Balance and Control


    Chapter 4: Basic Maneuvers
    Chapter 5: Ollies and Shuvits
    Chapter 6: Lip Tricks
    Chapter 7: Grind and Slides
    Chapter 8: Skills for Other Types of Skating


    Chapter 9: Challenging Your Environment
    Chapter 10: Skating Competitively

    About the Author

    Google Per Welinder and your search will reveal the history of a pro skater—a legend who performed all the skateboarding stunt scenes for Michael J. Fox in the famous film Back to the Future, a two-time world champion freestyle skateboarder, and an iconic pioneer in the second generation of skateboarding. Today he is an entrepreneur who earned his MBA from the Anderson School of Business at UCLA. Welinder is the president and cofounder of Blitz Distribution, a major player in today’s skateboarding world thanks to brands like Baker Skateboards, Hook-Ups, Sk8Mafia, Fury Trucks, and JSLV clothing.

    The accomplished lifelong skater brings a unique perspective to the brands he works with and believes that skateboarding serves a vital role in youth culture. Welinder has promoted the growth of skateboarding worldwide through his roles as the former chair and current board member for the International Association of Skateboard Companies.

    Peter Whitley is a lifelong skateboarder, artist, and advocate for skateparks. He is the acting executive director of Skaters for Public Skateparks \QQ: Check this with Pete; he mentioned that he’d changed jobs a while back. XQQ\, a nonprofit organization dedicated to skatepark awareness, advancement, and advocacy. He is also the author of the Public Skatepark Development Guide. When not working with communities on skatepark matters, Whitley is a graphic designer and illustrator.


    “Having come from a generation of skateboarding that was very experimental, I’m reassured to know that there are now high-quality instructions and tutorials for learning the tricks that we struggled with for so many years.” -- Tony Hawk, Legendary Skateboarder and Entrepreneur

    “All other sports have coaches and how-to books. Skating is such a different animal, but it is also a very precise and dangerous sport. Having someone give you the small insights into the techniques involved in skating is invaluable.” -- Chris Cole, Professional Skateboarder