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Mexican Folkloric Dance DVD with Music CD

Mexican Folkloric Dance DVD with Music CD


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    Mexican Folkloric Dance is a comprehensive teaching tool for dance and physical educators working in K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and community centers. Presented by internationally known master teacher Silvia Lozano, this resource helps students experience the culture of Mexico as they learn to perform these unique dances.

    The DVD contains an introduction by Silvia Lozano, progressive warm-up movements, basic footwork techniques, choreographic ideas for creating your own dances, two sample lesson plans, and printable instruction on 10 dances from the regions of Michoacán, Hidalgo, Nuevo León, Veracruz, and Jalisco. Each dance is broken down into sections and also shown as a whole dance. The music CD offers authentic accompaniment for each of the 10 dances and drum rhythms for the warm-up and technique portions of each class. A glossary is provided at the end of the warm-up and techniques file as well as each regional file.

    All documents include content in both Spanish and English and provide a starting point for interdisciplinary learning in Spanish language studies, social studies, geography, anthropology, or ethnomusicology courses.

    Mexican Folkloric Dance DVD and music CD offers a contemporary method for learning this historic dance form. Let your students experience the beauty and tradition of Mexican folkloric dance and enjoy the unique history, music, costumes, and customs.


    Resource for dance educators and physical educators in K-12, college, university, and community settings.

    Table of Contents

    How to Use This DVD-ROM and Music CD

    Warm-Ups and Techniques
    Warm-Up Exercises
    Basic Footwork Technique

    Classroom Materials
    Las Inditas
    La Petenera

    El Maracumbe
    Las Alazanas

    El Baile de la Costilla
    Jarabe Michoacano

    Nuevo León
    La Polka
    El Chotis

    El Palomo y La Paloma
    El Colas

    About the Authors

    About the Author

    Silvia Lozano, born in Puebla México, is internationally recognized as a leading promoter of authentic Mexican folklore. She studied classical ballet and contemporary dance at the Academia Mexicana de La Danza (Mexican Academy of Dance) and studied Mexican folkloric dance at the Instituto Mexicano de las Bellas Artes (Mexican Institute of Fine Arts). She also studied architecture and painting at the Academy of San Carlos.

    She earned a scholarship to participate in the Amalia Hernandez Ballet Folclórico company, where she performed ballet and contemporary dance and was invited to become a company member. In 1960, Lozano founded her first company, Cantos y Danzas de Mexico, consisting of 40 folklore dancers. The company’s name underwent several changes and eventually became Ballet Folclórico Nacional de México Aztlán. Lozano signed a commercial contract with Columbia Artists Festivals (CAMI). For 18 years the company made ​​presentations in North America, Asia, and Europe.

    Pianist Liberace performed with the company in Las Vegas, having great success for one year. Ballet Folclórico Nacional de México Aztlán took part in the opening of the Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida. They also represented Mexico in the Dubai Shopping Festival in the United Arab Emirates. Lozano collaborated for eight years with the Mexican army, creating and directing historical and cultural events.

    Lozano is dedicated to preserving the originality and authenticity of Mexican dance by presenting performances that retain the traditional meaning and history. Her greatest desire is to show people worldwide the beauty of the music, dance, and costumes of Mexican traditions.

    Karla Canamar received a bachelor of arts degree in dance with a minor in education from Texas Woman’s University. While attending TWU, Karla performed with the International Dance Company (under the direction of Gladys Keeton) and Danceworks (directed by Mary Williford-Shade). She has presented work at several national conventions, including National Dance Association Pedagogy Conference, Texas Dance Educators Association, and the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. In 2009, Karla performed with the Ballet Folclórico Nacional de México Aztlán, directed by Silvia Lozano in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. She currently works with the company in the development of new folkloric projects in the education field. Ms. Canamar is a presenter for the Center for Educator Development in Fine Arts and a full-time dance instructor at Moisés E. Molina High School and an adjunct instructor at Mountain View College in Dallas, Texas.

    Sample Content

     3 Paso Planta  Jalisco Dances  Veracruz Dances  Warm up and Technique Exercises  
    Mexican Folkloric Dance DVD w/CD-video thumbnail   Mexican Folkloric Dance DVD w/CD-video thumbnail   Mexican Folkloric Dance DVD w/CD-video thumbnail   Mexican Folkloric Dance DVD w/CD-video thumbnail   Mexican Folkloric Dance DVD w/CD-video thumbnail