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Motherwell Maternity Fitness Plan

Motherwell Maternity Fitness Plan


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    Be strong, comfortable, healthy, and active throughout your pregnancy with Motherwell Maternity Fitness Plan. Considered by health professionals as the gold standard of maternity exercise, Motherwell’s medically proven program is designed specifically to meet the needs of women before, during, and after pregnancy.

    For maximum comfort and mobility through each trimester, the program includes breathing, core conditioning, flexibility, strengthening, motivation, relaxation, and nutritional advice to meet the needs of mother and baby. Choose among many fitness options such as walking, swimming, water walking, stretching, yoga, and meditation to be as active and healthy as possible up to and after delivery.

    Take care of your baby and your body with the program that is featured at more than 100 hospitals throughout the United States and is the international certifying standard for health professionals.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Shaping Up Before Pregnancy
    Chapter 2. Caring For Your Body During All Nine Months
    Chapter 3. Breathing Routines for Two
    Chapter 4. Eating for Fitness and Baby’s Health
    Chapter 5. Stretching and Strengthening Your Pregnant Body
    Chapter 6. Meditating for Relaxation and Focus
    Chapter 7. Adjusting Actively to the First Trimester
    Chapter 8. Staying Motivated Through the Second Trimester
    Chapter 9. Staying Positive in the Third Trimester
    Chapter 10. Training for Labor and Delivery
    Chapter 11. Adjusting During the Early Weeks After Delivery
    Chapter 12. Fitness for the New Mom